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Wilder Research

Information. Insight. Impact

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Wilder Research helps communities thrive by turning information into impact. 

Through research and evaluation services, we partner with organizations to measure and improve program effectiveness, identify needs and solutions, and make data-informed decisions that improve lives. As an independent research unit of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation, we work with nonprofits, foundations, and government entities throughout Minnesota and the country

The need for good research, planning and data-based decision-making has never been greater.

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Pro bono research opportunity

Apply now! Pro bono research opportunity. Deadline is October 10, 2023

Apply through October 10

Wilder Research is now accepting applications for pro bono research and evaluation consultation!

This work will support culturally specific organizations’ needs by providing useful, actionable research and evaluation services at no cost.

Apply now

What We Offer

Identify needs and solutions, understand emerging trends, measure your organization’s effectiveness, and increase your impact on issues you care about.
Browse hundreds of Wilder Research publications and download them for free.
Find data and trends on Minnesota, free evaluation resources and tips, and tools to assess your collaboration or initiative.

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