Wilder's Campaign for Families

Building a stronger Saint Paul, one family at a time.


We are on a mission to transform the support families need to be stable, healthy and strong.

We are listening to the people who come through our doors. We trust them to tell us what they need. Together, we are exploring options, accelerating solutions, and helping people be agents of their own change. Our distinctive approach means we look for ways to help an entire family however people define what their family means to them. That approach ensures no one falls through the cracks. At Wilder, families get what they need—in one place. This is the Wilder difference.


We Reached the Goal Because of You!

Graphic showing a line of people silhouettes, beneath them an arrow pointing to the right and the text $17 Million!

Thanks to many generous donors and funders, we have raised $17,200,000 of our $17M goal. To date, your support of this campaign has made possible:

  • The addition of 15 new sites for our school-based mental health services
  • The distribution of campaign and COVID-relief funds to support housing stability for 587 families
  • The participation of 300 families in our community wealth-building initiative.
  • The implementation of a whole-family service model throughout Wilder. 

While we are excited about our progress so far, we’re not done quite yet. Every dollar we raise through the Campaign for Families means more: more services reaching more people for more impact.

To learn more about Wilder's Campaign for Families, contact: 
Michelle Morehouse, Vice President of Advancement

Why we must build a stronger Saint Paul

39% of people live in poverty in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
That's 2 of every 5 residents in the city.

An estimated 1 in 5 young people need support for their mental health, and people of color are much less likely to have access to therapy and mental health care.

34% are cost-burdened households who pay more than a third of their income for a house in Saint Paul.

Here's how we plan to build a stronger Saint Paul, one family at a time:

Stabilize Thousands of Families

By providing easier access to services and support for the heavy financial burden of housing, we can stabilize families, reaching them before they’re in crisis and caught in a web of expensive interventions. With your support we will address the complex needs of families in the areas of housing, mental health and wealth building, serving 10,000 families over five years and helping 1,500 families stay housed.

Goal: $9 million

Whole-family approach helps families with housing assistance alongside mental health supports

Families in or near poverty face a number of barriers to social and economic mobility, including housing insecurity. Lost income due to the pandemic is real—and has pushed families to the farthest limits of stability.

With the Direct Housing Assistance program, all Wilder clients and their families have access to financial help to pay rent or mortgage, allowing them to focus on their self-identified goals and prevent their household from entering a crisis.

Learn more about our approach and impact from Janayah Bagurusi, Director of Family Supportive Housing Services, in this recording from our One Family at a Time event held on March 10, 2022.

Three women sitting on park bench on a spring day, youngest in the middle wearing a helmet, kneepads and holding a skateboard

Stephanie, a mother of two elementary-aged daughters, uses services through Wilder’s Community Mental Health and Wellness to support the well-being of her family. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Stephanie’s hours were cut as schools moved to online learning, leaving her in need of support for rent, work and child care, along with making sure her family’s mental health needs were met.

As part of Wilder’s whole-family approach to helping families thrive, the mental health team referred Stephanie to Direct Housing Assistance. Wilder’s housing team helped Stephanie by driving to her home to pick up or drop off documents as needed. Stephanie told staff she was grateful and thanked the team for being accessible in an extraordinarily difficult time.

Improve our children's mental health and well-being

Wilder’s solution is simple and effective: provide high-quality, culturally specific mental health services directly within schools to serve the one in five children who suffers from a mental health issue. With your support, we will expand mental health services to serve children in at least 50% of Saint Paul Public Schools, helping nearly 2,000 students improve their ability to learn and dozens of classrooms become calmer.

Goal: $4 Million

With healing, DeAnthoney takes steps to be the person he wants to be

DeAnthoney, a young photographer who aspires to create a “multi-visual empire,” didn’t feel like he fit in when he enrolled at the High School for Recording Arts in Saint Paul. He was frequently absent from school, and he had experienced homelessness. DeAnthoney started meeting with Evette, a Wilder school-based mental health therapist who works with students of African descent at the school. 

Expanding Mental Health Support in Schools

Access to therapy is critical when our children are facing extraordinary mental health challenges. Wilder offers culturally relevant school-based mental health programs and services in 30 schools, with plans to expand to more sites in the coming years. 

Learn more about our approach and impact from Dr. Benita Amedee, Wilder clinical supervisor, in this recorded Q&A event hosted in February, 2022. 

Build wealth through life-changing connections

Capital, connections and opportunities make success possible, yet these resources are often out of reach for people living in undervalued and underinvested communities. This campaign will help more families design a pathway toward economic and social mobility, form important connections, and develop an indelible sense of ownership and agency for their futures. With your support, we can expand this approach and create special grant opportunities to provide 750 families with this novel approach to accelerating the initiative people take to improve their lives.

Goal: $4 Million

Supporting the Campaign for Families

Megan Habbe, Wilder donor and volunteer

Campaign for Families donor Megan Habbe gives so that others can trust what tomorrow looks like

Wilder donor Megan Habbe has witnessed first-hand why our community needs stable housing. In her career and her volunteer work, Megan has seen how housing access helps individuals, families and communities thrive. In Megan’s family life,...More about this story »

Thank you for supporting Wilder's Campaign for Families!

♦ employee | *deceased

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