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Here for Good

Wilder combines knowledge, compassion and action to improve lives today and for generations to come.

Two children playing with bubbles on a playground in Saint Paul, MN
Three people of color at a park in Saint Paul, MN
Older adult and their family caregiver at a market in Saint Paul, MN

Exercise Your Right to Vote

As part of our mission to serve, Wilder encourages all eligible voters to make their voices heard in local and national elections. Your vote is more than a choice among candidates or political parties—it a powerful expression of your values and hopes for our community’s future. 

Exercising your right to vote helps protect and expand the representation on which our democracy is founded. Please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website for information that can help you make a plan to vote and encourage others to do the same. 

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Courageous Stories

Students eating breakfast at Wilder Child Development Center

Wilder Child Development Center a Reassuring Space for Kids and Families During COVID-19

Any parent or child care provider can tell you that kids thrive on routine and stability. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed most people’s lives, the Wilder Child Development Center brings welcome routines and ...More about this story »

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