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Measuring and improving program effectiveness

A Telling Queer History sign sits in the foreground, with a circle of event attendees gathered behind.

Telling Queer History storytelling events create community connection

For 10 years, Telling Queer History (TQH) has been creating spaces for people to connect, and using storytelling to build community and foster belonging. The organization was created as a response to the erasure of LGBTQ+ history in...More about this story »

Identifying needs and solutions

Three people stand side-by-side under a pop-up tent at an outdoor festival. The middle person holds a sign that says I envision a world with no borders -- MN8.

Wilder Research and MN8 conduct the first community needs assessment of the Cambodian community in Minnesota to learn what they need to thrive

MN8 advocates and provides direct services and support for Southeast Asian Minnesotans who are facing detention and/or deportation.More about this story »

Making data-informed decisions

Woman and child shopping for healthy food at farmer's market

Michigan Fitness Foundation Captures “Ripple Effects” to Increase Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Lila Gutuskey came to Wilder Research in search of a new way to share her organization’s impact. With an evaluation tool called Ripple Effects Mapping, the Michigan Fitness Foundation found a new way to capture the impacts of their state...More about this story »

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