Parents and young children at graduation event

Northside Achievement Zone


"There is a lot of buzz today about how nonprofits can use data to solve the world’s problems. At the Northside Achievement Zone it is more than a buzz, it is a strongly held belief. We can use data to end multi-generational poverty, but we must have the right partner.

That’s why we chose Wilder Research who, from the beginning, has helped us to build a strong data system and to select the right indicators and performance measures to let us know what works and what doesn’t in real time so that we can set a course for continuous improvement.

Wilder has helped us to wade through the chaotic world of data collection and analysis so that we have a clear path to real results on the ground with our partners, schools, families and children. With Wilder at our side, the Northside community will finally one day share in the prosperity of our state and region."

- Sondra Samuels, President and Chief Executive Officer, Northside Achievement Zone