Courageous Stories

Highlighting community stories of courage, strength and resiliency


With a place to call home, Wilder participant Adira launched a path to financial stability

Adira, a participant in supportive housing and asset-building programs at Wilder, lives in a tidy apartment in Roseville. The 33-year-old works at a gas station and picks up shifts for a grocery delivery company. When Adira isn’t working, she and her kids spend time together and enjoy trips to Como Park and Como Town amusement park. Read this story »

Telling Queer History storytelling events create community connection

For 10 years, Telling Queer History (TQH) has been creating spaces for people to connect, and using storytelling to build community and foster belonging. The organization was created as a response to the erasure of LGBTQ+ history in public spaces and with a desire to create more intergenerational, intersectional spaces. Read this story »

Ending Homelessness Together: Wilder Research partnerships help the community and Wilder programs understand homelessness and housing needs in Minnesota

 The Minnesota Homeless Study, one of Wilder’s best-known research projects, will return on October 26 after a pause during the pandemic. Wilder Research conducts the study every three years to better understand the prevalence of homelessness as well as the circumstances of those experiencing homelessness in Minnesota. Read this story »

The Community Equity Program provided Keisha Mitchell with hands-on experience during a historic Legislative session

Minnesota legislators passed transformational legislation for abortion rights, paid family and medical leave, transgender rights protections, driver’s licenses for undocumented residents, restoration of voting rights for people after release from prison, a $1 billion investment in affordable housing -- and much more. Keisha Mitchell was… Read this story »

Wilder volunteer Asha Boggs creates authentic connection with participants in Healthy Aging programs

Asha Boggs stands out as a volunteer for two Wilder programs for her bright smile and obvious passion for caring for older adults in Saint Paul. The broad focus of Asha’s volunteerism reflects her personal philosophy of care for seniors, which seeks to consider a person’s needs from a holistic perspective.  Read this story »

“They just want to love you for who you are:” Cretin-Derham Hall volunteers gain valuable lessons from young learners at the Child Development Center

The Wilder Child Development Center strives to recognize and meet the diverse interests and abilities of children and their families. That commitment extends to volunteers. Staff at the center welcome groups and individual volunteers – and as students at Cretin-Derham Hall have learned – there are a variety of projects that volunteers… Read this story »

Donors Craig and Kathy Binger’s connection to Wilder spans a century

It’s no surprise that Craig and Kathy Binger support Wilder’s mission as donors. After all, Craig worked at Wilder for more than 30 years, and he values Wilder’s focus on innovation to meet community needs now and into the future.   “Wilder’s goal isn’t to replicate what other organizations already do well,” Craig says. “Instead, it… Read this story »

The McKinney family chose the Child Development Center for its diversity and focus on kindergarten readiness in a supportive environment

When Lawrence and Charmaine McKinney started looking for child care for their oldest child, they wanted to find something near their neighborhood. They also wanted an opportunity to interact with a racially and ethnically diverse group of families. Read this story »