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Housing and Homelessness

Housing is essential to the health of people and communities.

Wilder Research leads the Minnesota Homeless Study, which provides the most comprehensive data and analysis on the reasons Minnesotans are homeless, and barriers to obtaining and maintaining safe and stable housing. The statewide study is conducted every three years, and provides data, analysis and reporting that helps improve understanding about the prevalence, causes, circumstances and effects of homelessness in Minnesota, and guides actions to eliminate homelessness.

Featured Resource: Minnesota Homeless Study

Every three years, Wilder Research and its partners conduct a one-day statewide study to better understand the prevalence of homelessness in Minnesota, as well as the circumstances of those experiencing homelessness. The Minnesota Homeless Study website includes complete results, detailed data tables, and additional information about the study.

Featured Reports

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On the Podcast: Homelessness is more than a math problem

Paul Mattessich talks with Michelle Gerrard of Wilder Research and Senta Leff of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless about who is homeless in Minnesota, the causes of homelessness, and the one thing they would do to end it.

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Recent Reports

Initial findings from nearly 4,300 face-to-face interviews with people experiencing homelessness.
The number of people experiencing homelessness is up 10 percent from 2015 according to data from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study.
Summary of a discussion during which American Indian elders shared the challenges of health and housing for American Indians and discussed the Hiawatha Avenue encampment.
This study of more than 10,000 households found that 11 of 15 categories of criminal offense have no significant effect on housing outcomes after controlling for other factors.
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