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Research and evaluation services that turn information into impact


We work with mission-driven individuals and organizations who want to get better. To improve. To understand. To change.

We help nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, academic institutions, community leaders, policymakers, and community researchers and evaluators to measure and improve effectiveness, identify needs and solutions, and make data-informed decisions to improve the lives of their employees, the individuals and families they support, the communities in which they work and live.

We tailor our services to meet your needs, whether providing everything to develop and conduct an evaluation or just one component of a project, such as collecting data or creating communications materials to share what you learned.


Working with Wilder Research

Our experienced researchers, data collection and analysis experts, librarians, and strategic communications specialists offer a full range of services. 

As a community-focused organization, we are collaborative and flexible. We'll help you understand the people and communities you support, what’s working and what’s not, and areas for improvement. We live our values every day  listening with intent, acting with kindness, building trusting relationships, and taking action  as we partner with you to gather the information you need to make meaningful change.

Research Services

Researchers organize paper surveys.

Research and evaluation

Our researchers will work with you to design and implement evaluation projects that get you the information you need to accomplish goals, show impact and make data-informed decisions.

We use a wide variety of methods, from interviews, focus groups and surveys to ripple-effects mappingarts-based approacheseconomic analysis, and mapping. Services include consultation, technical assistance, trend studies and opinion surveys, and program, process, outcome and developmental evaluations.

Our reports are customized with visualized data to make it easy to understand and use the results, and meet your needs.

Community engagement and needs assessment

We’ll partner with you to engage the communities you support to better understand their experiences, needs, and issues impacting their lives.

Our assessments can help identify service gaps, and strengths, opportunities, and aspirations of a specific cultural group, age group or geographic community to build understanding and effective solutions.

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Data collection and analysis

Let us gather the data you need in a way that works for you and the people you support. Services include web, mailed, telephone, and intercept surveysfocus groups, discussions or talking circles; observations,  assessments, and environmental scans; and fun facilitated activities to gather data. We use culturally responsive approaches and offer multi-lingual interviews. 

Our analysts will help you make sense of your data. We provide useful and reliable insights that will help your organization understand what’s happening and make data-informed decisions. Analysis services include primary and secondary data, data cleanup, large data set integration, basic descriptive and more complex statistical analysis.

Data-informed strategic planning and decision-making

Our thoughtfully designed and facilitated activities will help you and your organization learn data best practices and how to use data when making important decisions about programs, staffing, organizational structure, strategic priorities, goals, and policies.

Services include data-informed strategic planningdata parties, and theory of change and logic model development with identified goals and outcomes for your program or organization.

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Strategic communications

Our communications and graphic design specialists can work with you to develop strategic communications plans and products tailored to your audiences and communities.

We use plain language, graphics, and visualized data to create easy-to-understand research findings and recommendations that help you use the data and communicate with your stakeholders.

Options include reportssummariesinfographics, presentations, issue briefs, media releases and events.

Workshops, training, and consultation

Our workshops, training, consultation and coaching will help you increase your organization’s capacity to design and carry out evaluation, and collect, interpret, and understand the data to obtain the insights you need.

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What our partners say

Wilder Research helped us wade through the world of data so we have a clear path to real results. With Wilder at our side, the Northside community will one day share in the prosperity of our state and region.


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