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Public Policy Update: Launching the 2023 Minnesota Legislative Session

January 19, 2023 by Adrián Rafael Magaña
The 93rd Minnesota Legislature is officially underway. There has been a flurry of action in the opening weeks, and based on how fast things are moving this update is likely at least partially dated… Read more »

Evaluation Conference Takeaways: What We Learned

January 9, 2023 by Jackie Aman, Sera Kinoglu, Alissa Jones
In late 2022, three Wilder Research staff attended the American Evaluation Association annual conference in New Orleans. Sera Kinoglu, Jackie Aman, and Alissa Jones all embraced the chance to build… Read more »

Living Roots: How ThayGeMoo is supporting the mental health of Karen students in Saint Paul Public Schools

December 12, 2022
During summer break, more than 25 families came together at Wilder Center to celebrate ThayGeMoo, a new culturally centered school-based mental health service for students from the Karen ethnic… Read more »

Everything you need to know about Election Day

Over the last few weeks, we have shared election resources that we hope will support you in making your voice heard come Election Day. As we have discussed, Minnesota provides a multitude of avenues… Read more »

Where and how should you cast your ballot?

“Minnesota nice” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some, the term may reflect how we shovel a neighbor’s driveways on frigid winter mornings, to others it could speak… Read more »

Why are the 2022 midterm elections important and what’s on the ballot?

Every two years or so, Minnesotans can expect to hear what appears to be recycled rhetoric on the importance of voting, and why “THIS election” is so important. It is so predictable that one could be… Read more »

Nonprofits & elections: What is our role?

The elections are a little over three weeks away, and many of our colleagues at Wilder and other Minnesota nonprofits may be wondering what role we can play during this very important election cycle… Read more »

3 ways the Therapeutic Teaching Model helps kids with severe emotional and behavioral disorders heal

October 3, 2022 by Alma Marquez
Four years ago, Dr. Benita Amedee and I helped develop an intensive mental health program called the Therapeutic Teaching Model for young children who were referred to federal setting IV special… Read more »