Trends, insights and thought leadership on community matters by Wilder staff, volunteers, supporters and partners


Survey Shows Minnesotans Value the Arts and Opportunities Remain to Improve Access

May 26, 2023 by Ryan Ander-Evans
Research shows that arts and creative experiences are important for people’s quality of life. The arts can impact personal health and well-being, contribute to academic achievement in children and… Read more »

Guaranteed income isn’t just asset building. It’s economic justice

April 6, 2023 by Liz Kaufman
72 Twin Cities community members got a boost of financial flexibility in January. With the launch of Rai$e, Wilder’s new guaranteed income program, each participant received a debit card that will be… Read more »

Public Policy Update: Committee Deadlines

March 16, 2023 by Adrián Rafael Magaña
The Minnesota Legislature set a breakneck pace for policymaking this year, and Wilder colleagues have testified and rallied with community at the Capitol in support of our legislative agenda.

Planned Gifts Support Our Mission Long-Term

March 15, 2023 by Anne Rodenberg
One of the most inspiring things about Wilder is having the stability of serving Saint Paul for more than 100 years, while continually renewing and adapting our work to meet current needs. Wilder was… Read more »

Community Survey is Guiding Libraries to Meet Community Needs for Digital Access

February 15, 2023 by Anna Granias, Jennifer Valorose
Understanding the needs of residents is essential for libraries to equitably provide services. This regional library system is using results from a community survey to meet technology and digital… Read more »

Investing in Wilder Through Your IRA

February 3, 2023 by Anne Rodenberg
When well invested over time, an IRA becomes a helpful tool to support your life goals. If one of your goals is to strengthen our community by supporting charities like Wilder - and you are 70 ½ or… Read more »

Public Policy Update: Launching the 2023 Minnesota Legislative Session

January 19, 2023 by Adrián Rafael Magaña
The 93rd Minnesota Legislature is officially underway. There has been a flurry of action in the opening weeks, and based on how fast things are moving this update is likely at least partially dated… Read more »

Evaluation Conference Takeaways: What We Learned

January 9, 2023 by Jackie Aman, Sera Kinoglu, Alissa Jones
In late 2022, three Wilder Research staff attended the American Evaluation Association annual conference in New Orleans. Sera Kinoglu, Jackie Aman, and Alissa Jones all embraced the chance to build… Read more »