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A Holistic Approach to Supporting Young People in Minnesota

A look at what Minnesota Student Survey findings tell us about student well-being.

3 things to know about renewals for Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare

For the past three years, Medicaid (known as Medical Assistance in Minnesota) and MinnesotaCare have waived the annual renewal process, in which members must submit proof of eligibility for their… Read more »

2023 Public Policy Roundup part 2: Housing and aging services

by Adrián Rafael Magaña
The 2023 Public Policy Roundup series continues with highlights of successes achieved in the areas of housing and aging services. The bills are organized by their primary focus, including increasing… Read more »

2023 Public Policy Roundup: Education

by Adrián Rafael Magaña
It has been just over three weeks since the 93rd legislature adjourned, and we are happy to share that we moved a record number of priorities from Wilder's Public Policy Agenda. In fact, so many of… Read more »

Minnesota Homeless Study Volunteer Spotlight: David Schultz

David Schultz has spent much of his life educating people about and working to end homelessness. Born and raised in South St. Paul, he was a street outreach worker at Catholic Charities in the 70s… Read more »

Survey Shows Minnesotans Value the Arts and Opportunities Remain to Improve Access

by Ryan Ander-Evans
Research shows that arts and creative experiences are important for people’s quality of life. The arts can impact personal health and well-being, contribute to academic achievement in children and… Read more »

Guaranteed income isn’t just asset building. It’s economic justice

by Liz Kaufman
72 Twin Cities community members got a boost of financial flexibility in January. With the launch of Rai$e, Wilder’s new guaranteed income program, each participant received a debit card that will be… Read more »

Public Policy Update: Committee Deadlines

by Adrián Rafael Magaña
The Minnesota Legislature set a breakneck pace for policymaking this year, and Wilder colleagues have testified and rallied with community at the Capitol in support of our legislative agenda.