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Substance Use

Exploring what works for programs serving youth and adults


Wilder Research explores how best to meet the needs of youth, adults and elders from prevention to intervention and recovery.

Using multiple methods, our work explores what works for programs serving individuals, now and for the long term. Our studies explore:

  • Successful prevention programs for youth and adults
  • Characteristics and causes of substance misuse and addiction
  • Effectiveness of programs that serve individuals and families throughout their treatment and recovery journeys
  • Culturally and gender-specific services and community-based efforts

Much of our research and evaluation focuses on the intersection between mental health and substance use, and their associated social determinants and risk and resilience factors. Throughout this work, we understand that various approaches are necessary to meet individual and community needs, including harm reduction, culturally relevant practices and an understanding of how trauma affects addiction.

As part of an operating foundation, we are also in the unique position to partner with direct service providers to develop and measure the effectiveness of research-supported services.

If you are looking for mental health or addiction and recovery services, visit Wilder’s Community Mental Health & Wellness Clinic.


Featured Reports



A multi-year Wilder Research project with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) helping to inform systems change

Identifying Service Gaps to Improve Lives and Communities: Minnesota Department of Human Services Gaps Analysis

The ultimate goal of any research or evaluation project is to inform action. A multi-year Wilder Research project with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is informing systems changes to meet the needs of some of Minnesota’s...More about this story »

Recent Reports

This brief describes the women and children served by 12 grantees of Minnesota's Women's Recovery Services program and family outcomes during this five-year period.
Designed for Minnesota prevention professionals, this toolkit includes worksheets, case studies, additional resource to guide your work.
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