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Older man on bicycle

Older Adults and Aging

The changing demographics and exponential growth in the older adult population will have a widespread impact on our health care system, social services and supports, housing, economy, workforce, and communities.

Wilder Research studies support systems and their capacity to meet the needs of Minnesota’s growing population of older adults. We also explore funding sources and priorities, and what older adults, caregivers, service providers, and aging experts say about current and future needs.

Featured Reports


On the podcast: Caring for the Caregiver

On the latest episode, guests discuss the friends, family, and communities providing informal caregiving to Minnesota’s older adult population, the need for culturally responsive support services, and how we can improve how we support Minnesota’s informal caregivers.

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Recent Reports

Summary of a discussion during which American Indian elders shared the challenges of health and housing for American Indians and discussed the Hiawatha Avenue encampment.
The study identified ways in which advanced in-home activity-monitoring systems can be used to help older adults remain at home and avoid the need for premature institutional care.
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