Our Mission, Vision and Values


Wilder has been dedicated to improving people's lives and well-being for over a century. Over time, we've evolved and enhanced our services to meet the changing needs of our community. However, our unwavering commitment to creating positive outcomes for children, families and communities remains the same.



Wilder is a collective force for social good that works to see all people thrive. We champion stability and wellness through direct services, advocacy, and research.


People that thrive in their fullness. 
Good that lasts for generations.



We center equity to promote access and opportunity to thrive.
We listen with intent to the people most affected so we can be part of the solution.
We build trusting relationships knowing each person and community has their own answers.
We act with kindness toward families, communities and each other.
We take action with others to challenge systems so all people and communities can reach their goals.