Our Mission, Vision and Values



The mission of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation is to promote the social welfare of persons resident or located in the greater Saint Paul metropolitan area by all appropriate means including:

  • Relief of the poor
  • Care of the sick and aged
  • Care and nurture of children
  • Aid of the disadvantaged and otherwise needy
  • Promotion of physical and mental health
  • Support of rehabilitation and corrections
  • Provision of needed housing and social services
  • Operation of residences and facilities for the aged, the infirm and those requiring special care

And, in general, the conservation of human resources by the provision of human services responsive to the welfare needs of the community, all without regard to, or discrimination on account of, nationality, sex, color, religious scruples or prejudices.


The greater Saint Paul area will be a vibrant community where all individuals, families and neighborhoods can prosper, with opportunities to work, to be engaged in their communities, to live in decent housing, to attend good schools and to receive support during times of need.


Our values guide how we work together:

  • We listen with intent to the people most affected so we can be part of the solution.
  • We act with kindness toward families, communities and each other.
  • We build trusting relationships knowing each person and community has their own answers.
  • We take action with others to challenge systems so all people and communities can reach their goals.