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Discover and participate in upcoming community celebrations, training classes and workshops at Wilder

Wilder's 2019 Knowledge, Compassion and Action Events

Please join us to learn how Wilder serves children, families and older adults in Saint Paul and beyond. These events will share the research and inspiring stories behind many of our core programs. These events are free of charge and guests are welcome to join you!

Training Classes & Workshops (Wilder Center for Learning & Excellence)

Cross-Cultural Communication: Flexible Approaches to Resolving Conflict

Join part two from the Building Common Ground and Cross-Cultural Communication Series and gain an in-depth understanding of the … More about this event »

Events for Older Adults and Caregivers

Dementia Discussion: Overcoming Communication Challenges

Learn tips on how to communicate better with someone who has dementia.  Register by June 15. Date and Time: Tuesday, June 18, 2019 10:00… More about this event »

LGBTQ Caregiver Support Group

Open to anyone in the LGBTQ community caring for an older adult or person with dementia.  On-site respite available with pre-approval.… More about this event »

Adult Children Caregiver Support Group

A caregiver support group for anyone caring for a parent, grandparent or other parental figure with any condition. Date and Time: Third… More about this event »