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Discover and participate in upcoming community celebrations, fundraisers, training and more at Wilder

As an act of community care, some events and gatherings are being canceled or postponed. While we are disappointed to postpone our time together for these events, our commitment to community leads us to prioritize health and safety, especially for those who are most at risk of contracting COVID-19. 

As we prioritize the health and safety of everyone who visits Wilder buildings in Saint Paul, we ask staff and visitors to stay home if you are ill. If you have any questions, please contact your event organizer or program staff.

Current Wilder volunteers can reach out to their supervisors or email

Trauma-Informed Clinical Training Workshops

Understanding and Addressing Racial Trauma: Annual Conference on Psychotherapy & Mental Health

Explore how the mental health community can better prepare itself for helping clients with trauma and PTSD related to experiences involving… More about this event »

Events & Wellness Classes for Older Adults and Caregivers