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Discover and participate in upcoming community celebrations, fundraisers, training and more at Wilder

Community Get-Togethers & Celebrations

Want to learn more about Wilder, our programs and community work? Join us for the 2020 Knowledge-Compassion-Action event series starting in February.

Ordinary Magic 2020

Celebrate community with a magical evening in support of support of children, families and older adults served by Wilder's programs and… More about this event »

Training Classes & Workshops (Wilder Center for Learning & Excellence)

Foundations of Intercultural Development Series: Understanding Oppression - Workshop 1

Build your intercultural development skills by understanding how oppression impacts individuals and influences their access to… More about this event »

Foundations of Intercultural Development Series: Institutional Oppression - Workshop 2

Continue developing your intercultural skills by learning about institutional oppression and how it influences access to opportunities… More about this event »

Get Better at Conflict Resolution: Cross-Cultural Communication Series Workshop 2

Improve your ability to effectively resolve conflicts and remain engaged in dialogue using cultural cues and diverse perspectives. Date… More about this event »

Navigate Power Dynamics in Conflicts: Cross-Cultural Communication Series Workshop 3

Learn how power dynamics along with intersectionality and language influence how we communicate, manage and resolve conflicts. Date &… More about this event »

Foundations of Intercultural Development Series: Systemic Oppression - Workshop 3

Complete your intercultural development by learning about the impact of systemic oppression and its influence on policies that govern us… More about this event »

Get Direction For Your Organization’s Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Journey

Join this two and a half day training to learn tools and framework to help you with your organization's inclusion, diversity and equity… More about this event »

Events for Older Adults and Caregivers (Healthy Aging & Caregiving Services)

More events for older adults, seniors and caregivers will be added soon!

Men's Caregiving Support Group

Open to any man caring for an older adult or person with dementia. Date and Time: Fourth Thursday 10:00-11:00am Cost: Free Location:… More about this event »

Memory Café

For people with dementia and their care partner. Come and enjoy a snack and good company with other families living with dementia. This… More about this event »

Powerful Tools for Caregivers  

A 6-week class that teaches caregivers skills for stress management, decision-making and finding support.  On-site respite is available… More about this event »