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Residents in front of their home in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Direct Housing Assistance Program

Financial help to pay home rent or mortgage for Wilder clients, participants and their families


Wilder's Direct Housing Assistance Program provides financial relief for you and your family, allowing you to focus on your self-identified goals and prevent your household from entering a crisis. Upon approval of the application and supporting documents, Wilder sends direct payments to your landlord or mortgage company on your behalf for up to 12 months, paying a maximum of $3,000 in financial assistance ($350 for the first 6 months, $200 for 3 months, and $100 for 3 months).

After pausing applications due to an overwhelming response, we have resumed accepting applications for Direct Housing Assistance as of September 8, 2023. Please check the eligibility criteria below and apply online! 


About the Direct Housing Assistance Program


    How the Direct Housing Assistance Program works:

    1. You're eligible to apply as a Wilder client/participant OR if your family member (parent, grandparent, child or sibling) is also enrolled in Direct Housing Assistance Program 
    2. Contact your Wilder provider for more information on this program OR send an email to our Direct Housing Assistance Team at Translation services are available.
    3. We'll provide and navigate the program details with you and answer any questions you may have about the program, process, or types of supporting documentation you'll need to apply.
    4. You can then apply online or in-person with our team. Just let us know what you prefer.
    5. Once approved, we will set up and start sending direct payments to your landlord or mortgage company.

    Apply online for the Direct Housing Assistance Program

    Email with questions or for more information.

    When COVID affected finances, Direct Housing Assistance helped Pam’s family avoid crisis

    Pam and her husband are homeowners with a large family. They were greatly affected when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and their work hours were reduced. Wilder staff worked with Pam through a challenging process to ensure she could obtain housing assistance, paid directly to her mortgage company, giving the family some breathing room in their budget during a tough time.

    “The relief Pam showed gave us a greater appreciation for Direct Housing Assistance, and the big picture of how families’ lives can transform with this 12-month program,” says Antonia, who manages special initiatives in Wilder’s supportive housing services.

    The initiative is just one way that Wilder provides responsive services with and for clients even when many funding streams have specific requirements for how services are delivered. I’m excited about the commitment of Wilder and the community to continue finding ways to serve the needs of whole families.

    Nona Ferguson, Vice President, Economic Stability and Aging Services

    Meet the Direct Housing Assistance Program Team

    Antonia Coleman

    Program Manager - Special Initiatives, Supportive Housing Services

    Joela Davis

    Housing Case Manager - Special Initiatives, Supportive Housing Services

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