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Residents in front of their home in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Direct Housing Assistance Program

Get financial help to pay your home's rent or mortgage


Wilder's Direct Housing Assistance Program provides financial relief for you and your family, allowing you to focus on your self-identified goals and prevent your household from entering a crisis. Upon approval of the application and supporting documents, Wilder sends direct payments to your landlord or mortgage company on your behalf for up to 12 months, paying a maximum of $3000.00 in financial assistance ($350 for the first 6 months, $200 for 3 months, and $100 for 3 months).

The Direct Housing Assistance Program is currently available to all existing Wilder clients and participants and their immediate family members (parent, grandparent, child or sibling). Translation services are available upon request (email

If you are a current Wilder client or participant and want to apply to join the Direct Housing Assistance Program:

  • Contact your Wilder provider for more information 
  • Send an email to requesting additional information OR
  • Keep scrolling and apply online here!

Read Program Eligibility & Expectations Before You Apply

Applications that meet the program requirements, and are accompanied by the required documentation, will be entered into a lottery. Applicants will be notified in writing of the status of their application within thirty (30) days via United States Postal Services.

Apply for Wilder's Direct Housing Assistance Program

Before you start on your application, please:

  • Take Your Time: This application will take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete; please give yourself sufficient time to complete the entire application as you are unable to save any information and return at a later time. 
  • Have Supporting Documents Ready: To complete this application you will need to upload the following documents; photo identification (state/government issued identification), housing verification (lease, mortgage purchase deed, etc), and income verification (paystubs, receipts, bank statements, income taxes for self-employed). 

Click the button below to start your application. When you are done, please be sure to click "Submit My Application" for it to be sent to Wilder. If you have any questions and/or concerns along the way, please email us at

When COVID affected finances, Direct Housing Assistance helped Pam’s family avoid crisis

Pam and her husband are homeowners with a large family. They were greatly affected when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and their work hours were reduced. Wilder staff worked with Pam through a challenging process to ensure she could obtain housing assistance, paid directly to her mortgage company, giving the family some breathing room in their budget during a tough time.

“The relief Pam showed gave us a greater appreciation for Direct Housing Assistance, and the big picture of how families’ lives can transform with this 12-month program,” says Antonia, who manages special initiatives in Wilder’s supportive housing services.

The initiative is just one way that Wilder provides responsive services with and for clients even when many funding streams have specific requirements for how services are delivered. I’m excited about the commitment of Wilder and the community to continue finding ways to serve the needs of whole families.

Nona Ferguson, Vice President, Economic Stability and Aging Services

Meet the Direct Housing Assistance Program Team

Antonia Coleman

Program Manager - Special Initiatives, Supportive Housing Services

Melissa Schultz

Administrative Assistant, Rent Tech, Supportive Housing Services

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