Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Are Essential for Our Mission

The Board of Directors and senior leadership recognize that the diversity of the community we serve must be reflected in every aspect of our organization for Wilder to have the greatest impact with those we serve. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is because of our mission and is essential for our success.

We focus on adapting our behaviors to see and accept employees, clients, partners, and community members who have different perspectives than our own. We understand that society has created advantages for certain groups and not others; we find ways to see and change how we are making decisions that impact marginalized or disadvantaged groups in unintended ways. 

As an organization, we welcome the complexity that results because of the many differences that exist among groups in one workplace: race, class, sexual orientation, ability, gender, etc. We believe our diversity adds value and makes us stronger. 


Here's What Diversity at Wilder Looks Like

Guiding Principles of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Wilder

Wilder has a set of internal guiding principles that are aspirational and guide us in all of our respective roles to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The application of these principles are alive in the organization, and periodically reviewed by groups and work units across Wilder to apply to their work, and by the Foundation’s Executive Team, to ensure that we are challenging ourselves to continuously improve diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

The Wilder Foundation will deliver on its mission with a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent workforce that provides effective service to persons of all cultures and backgrounds. This will be achieved when those who contribute to Wilder’s mission can:

  • Adapt their thinking and behavior to see and accept the differences that exist because of the varied life experiences that each person brings
  • Challenge and grow in awareness about their own social groups and biases
  • Develop and implement policies and practices that advance equity
  • Handle intercultural conflict and address insensitive behaviors
  • Have access to resources and opportunities that advance their professional growth 
  • Communicate with trust and respect toward others inside and outside of the Foundation
  • Feel encouraged and supported, with their culture seen as “value added"

These guiding principles reflect Wilder’s intentions and commitment to be a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent organization in the roles outlined below. We use these principles as a guide for how we operate in the community.