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Ordinary Magic 2024

An Annual Community Celebration and Fundraiser in Support of Wilder's Mission


Thank You for Joining Us for a Magical Evening!

You made Ordinary Magic on Thursday, May 2,  a truly special evening in support of Wilder and the people and families that we serve. 

Together at Wilder Center, we celebrated the power of Ordinary Magic to transform lives. We also raised more than $400,000 in support of Wilder’s mission to be a collective force for social good that works to see all people thrive!


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Visual illustration of Ordinary Magic by Nelle Rhicard and our team of Wilder Researchers

Thank you Nelle Rhicard and our team of Wilder Researchers for gathering input from guests at the event about what families need to thrive. 

Wilder believes that all families come to us whole, with goals and ideas about what they need to support their own stability and well-being. Our job is to bolster resources, connections and skills in support of their family-driven goals. 

Kevin Harris speaking at the podium at Ordinary Magic, Wilder's signature fundraising event

As you process and unpack this evening I encourage you to think about how you can make an impact and do just a little bit more to be a compassionate agent to support the unhoused community.

Kevin Harris, first-time volunteer with the Minnesota Homeless Study

Thank you to our incredible speakers!

John Harrington photo

John Harrington

Chief Harrington is a current Wilder Board Member and the CEO of Micro Grants & LightsOn! He has held many public leadership roles and has served as the Commissioner for the Department of Public Safety for MN, Chief of the Metro Transit Police, a member of the MN Senate, and Chief of Police for the City of St. Paul.


Dawanna Witt photo

Sheriff Dawanna Witt

Sheriff Witt is the first woman and person of color elected as Hennepin County Sheriff. Throughout her career she has focused on reaching out to young people and communities that have historically had poor relationships with the police. Sheriff Witt also serves seasonally as a Minnesota State Fair Police Officer and on advisory panels including the State of Minnesota Legislative Task Force on Child Protection and the State of Minnesota Task Force on Law Enforcement Education Reform.


armando photo

Armando Camacho

Armando Camacho is the president and CEO of the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. He leads the organization’s work to improve lives today and for generations to come through services, research and community building. He is the seventh president in the foundation’s history.


Derrick Yang photo

Derrick Yang

Derrick is a Peer Support Specialist with Wilder’s Mental Health & Recovery Services. He is a certified mental health and substance use disorder peer support specialist and is bilingual in Hmong and English. Derrick works with adults presenting with mental illness, addiction, and homelessness and shares his own experience of managing co-occurring disorders with others to encourage growth and knowledge and inspire hope. 




Xee Xiong photo

Xee Xiong

Xee Xiong is a proud mother of four children and lives in Saint Paul. Xee moved to Saint Paul from Laos over 30 years ago. She is a member of the Hmong Group at Wilder’s Center for Social Healing and has been building community and meaningful relationships with others at Wilder for more than ten years. These relationships have inspired her and helped strengthen her and her family.


Kevin Harris photo

U. Kevin Harris

Kevin is the Director of Lending at Mni Sota Fund and has worked in consumer lending for more than two decades. Kevin has a passion for helping people of color first time home buyers accomplish their financial goals. Volunteering and serving his community is very important to him.  Currently he's President of the Downtown Minneapolis Next Generation Lions Club and Service Officer for the Brooklyn Center American Legion.


Laverne Cross photo

Laverne Cross

Laverne is a lifelong Saint Paul resident and proud mother of a teenage son. Her journey with Wilder has led to greater housing stability for her family, and her work ethic and determination motivates her to advocate for better affordable housing for more families around the city.

Thank you, Ordinary Magic Committee!

Ordinary Magic Committee: Julie Brunner, Christina Cooley, Stephanie Johnson, Judy Kishel, Maggie O’Gara, Kate Pearce, Sue Piva, Kathryn Schleich, Carla Sellner, Katie Schmidt, Stephanie Wolkin, Pahoua Yang Hoffman and more than 40 volunteers that help make Ordinary Magic a success every year!  


Thank you to our generous sponsors for making Wilder's annual celebration and fundraiser possible this year!

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Thank you to the businesses that donated to the 2024 Ordinary Magic auction!

Stories of Ordinary Magic

Theodora sits in a rocking chair with two daughters

The Judy Ohm Scholarship honors a late, longtime director of Wilder’s Child Development Center with support for the whole family

When Theodora needed childcare for her daughter, Heavenly, she knew it would be expensive. She planned to clean more houses each week to cover the cost.

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