Annual Report | 2020

Supporting families and helping communities thrive

Amherst H. WIlder Foundation Annual Report 2020

Wilder by the Numbers 2020: People Served by Programs and Services

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So much has changed around us, yet one thing that remains constant is Wilder’s impact. This report is full of examples of how Wilder worked to strengthen families in unprecedented times. Staff, supporters and volunteers stepped up to meet the needs of families in our community who continue to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Julie Brunner, Wilder Board Chair
Armando Camacho President and CEO of Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

Right now, we know we have a role to play in addressing the inequities that plague our community. Equity will remain a priority for Wilder in all aspects of our work: As a research organization, a service provider, and an employer.

Armando Camacho, Wilder President and CEO

We are grateful for our generous donors, funders, sponsors, partners, volunteers and employees who make make our mission possible. Thank you!

Faith Her with her mother, Mary Her

Wilder Supporters Share Why They Give

Generous donors like Faith Her, Mike and Kathy Buendgen, Ilse and Omar Akbar, and the Mayer and Bongard families share how and why they support Wilder.


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Chalese Knight, a Wilder supportive housing team member, unloads food boxes from her car

How Wilder Is Adapting to Meet Community Needs

Through a global pandemic, the unrest and community pain following the murder of George Floyd, and economic and financial uncertainty, Wilder has adapted and innovated to continue critical services that help families thrive. Here ar...More about this story »

Man with mask holding up bottle of disinfectant at Wilder Center

Wilder Mental Health Forges New Ways of Connecting with Telehealth

In a usual year, Wilder provides mental health and recovery services to more than 2,000 children, families and adults in the mental health clinic at Wilder Center, in schools and in the community.

2020 was no ordinary year.

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Triasia Givens, graduate of Community Equity Program

Community Equity Program Alum Triasia Givens Advocates for Education

Triasia Givens joined Wilder’s Community Equity Program in fall 2019 because she wanted to join with others to create change in the community. Triasia is the co-chair of the Black Parents Advisory Council of Minneapolis Public Schools an...More about this story »

Three people holding plastic bags at a food distribution site

Wilder Research Helps St. Louis Park Understand and Find Solutions to Food Insecurity

Food insecurity—not having reliable and sufficient amounts of affordable, nutritious food—may be an unfamiliar term, but the problem is not new. Food insecurity is tied to poverty, but is also impacted by transportation, low wages, ...More about this story »

Tracking COVID’s Impact on Minnesota Residents and Communities

Life changed quickly when the pandemic arrived in Minnesota, creating a need for funders, policy makers, nonprofits, businesses and communities to understand and respond to rapid change. Minnesota Compass, a free, online resource by Wilder Research, created a special section on its website to provide reliable data on key measures related to the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 section has data on testing, confirmed cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, as well as data on other quality of life indicators related to the pandemic, including chronic health conditions, housing and food insecurity, and impact on jobs, income, unemployment, and businesses. In partnership with WCCO TV news, the site has also mapped areas of the Twin Cities at highest risk of severe COVID-19. 

We hope that by providing information about the impacts of the pandemic, leaders across sectors will be better equipped to design and target funding and programs to help the people,businesses, and communities affected by the pandemic.

Allison Liuzzi, Minnesota Compass Project Director

The spirit of volunteering is, “What can I do to make things better?” During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing this spirit shine through in a challenging time for our participants,staff, volunteers and communities. Thank you for your contributions to keep our neighborhoods and cities strong!

Austine Vaughn-Bergling, Volunteer Services Manager
Kate Hu, 2020 Sandy Kiernat Award for Community Service at Wilder

Wilder Volunteer Kate Hu Wins 2020 Sandy Kiernat Award for Dedication to Community Service

Every week, Kate Hu quietly makes a difference at Wilder. For two hours a week, Kate organizes files, updates databases and works on projects that save time and allow staff to focus on programs. In fact, PattiJo Verdeja, a former longtim...More about this story »

Johanna Stammeier-Toole, a Wilder volunteer

Wilder Volunteer Loves Giving Caregivers a Break

Longtime Wilder volunteer Johanna (Jo) Stammeier-Toole has given over 1,000 hours of her time to the Wilder Community Center for Aging. Jo first started volunteering in the Adult Day Health program. When the program closed in summer 2020...More about this story »

Paul had an ability to cross the chasm when talking with people from other cultures. He left staff with the profound sense that he got them, valued them, and would do his best to support their work.

Paul Verret

Remembering Paul Verret

Paul Verret dedicated nearly his entire life to Saint Paul. Through his career, his influence, and his personal generosity, Paul had an immeasurable impact on Wilder’s many community partners and our program and service participants. Sad...More about this story »

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