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2018 Annual Report

A year of creating lasting, positive change rooted in people

Wilder Foundation 2018 Annual Report Message from President and CEO MayKao Y. Hang and Board Chair Julie Brunner

Thank you for your support of Wilder’s mission to improve lives today and for generations to come.

In 2018, our supporters, community members, funders and partners worked together to eliminate barriers and advance opportunities for people to succeed now and in the future.

We hope the stories shared here inspire you to come along with us to envision a strong and vibrant Saint Paul where everyone has a pathway to achieve their full potential and live a good life. Read the full message from President and CEO MayKao Y. Hang and Board Chair Julie Brunner.

Highlights from 2017-2018

Artika Tyner and Jacklyn Milton, book discussion, Maxfield Elementary
Dr. Artika Tyner and Jacklyn Milton talk about their children's book, "Justice Makes a Difference," with students at Maxfield Elementary in October 2018.
Dr. Pahoua Yang, Wilder donor luncheon
Dr. Pahoua Yang, vice president of Wilder Community Mental Health and Wellness, visited with guests at the 2018 donor luncheon at Wilder Center.
Wilder Research centennial
Wilder Research hosted a celebration in October 2017 to mark 100 years of helping communities thrive through research and evaluation.
David Hey, former Wilder board member Barbara Roy
David Hey and former Wilder Board Member Barbara Roy toured the Mental Health Mind Matters exhibition at the Science Museum of Minnesota as part of a lunch-and-learn event for Wilder supporters.
Kingston Fellowships for Wilder employees
Lindsay Anderson, center, was one of six Wilder employees who received Kingston Fellowships in 2018. The fellowships provide the opportunity to study, teach, conduct research, exchange ideas and develop innovative programs to address community concerns.
Wilder Board of Directors
Wilder's Board of Directors
Ice cream at Wilder Child Development Center
A family enjoying ice cream at the Wilder Child Development Center during a National Night Out celebration in August 2018.
Gloria DuPree as Dr. Love
Wilder staff member Gloria DuPree, dressed as Dr. Love, uses a lighthearted technique to discuss healthy relationships during a lunch for colleagues who collaborate through the Integrated Model of Service.
Anne Simpson speaking at the Wilder Community Center for Aging
Anne Simpson, right, reflected on aging with excerpts from her latest book "Do You Feel As Old As You Are?" during a coffee+conversation event at the Wilder Community Center for Aging in February 2018.
Community Equity Pipeline alumnae Lauren PH Copeland, Lauren Yates and May Losloso
The 2017-18 cohort of the Community Equity Pipeline graduated in June 2018. Pictured are alumna PH Copeland, graduate Lauren Yates and alumna May Losloso.
National Night Out celebration at Wilder Community Center for Aging
Friends and neighbors socialized over hot dogs and ice cream at the National Night Out celebration at the Wilder Community Center for Aging in August 2018.

Individuals Served by Wilder Programs in 2018
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Investing in Family & Community Strength

Mary Chazen, participant with Wilder in Family Independence Initiative Twin Cities

The Family Independence Initiative Invests in the Strength of Communities

Mary Chazen was ready. Nearly two years after joining the Family Independence Initiative Twin Cities, Mary had begun recruiting new families to join the movement. 

"I see how much of a difference it can make when you have the right support, the right programming and the right resources," Mary told about 15 families at an information session she organized in June 2018 at the Rondo Community Library in Saint Paul.

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Wilder Foundation Annual Report 2018 Wilder by the Numbers Convening External Events in Wilder Center Meeting and Auditorium Spaces

Collaborative convening spaces at Wilder Center brought...

Wilder Foundation Annual Report 2018 Wilder Center for Learning and Excellence Training and Consulting Services

With the newly launched Wilder Center for Learning and Excellence... 

Healing with Comprehensive Services

Planner, Wilder Community Mental Health and Wellness

Wilder Promotes Healing with Comprehensive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Ethan, a personable man in his mid-20s, is just as focused on recovering from substance abuse as he is pursuing his education. 

Ethan is taking advantage of a new model of service at Wilder that offers comprehensive, integrated mental and chemical health services. Through this integrated model, called a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, Ethan receives substance abuse counseling, mental health and other supporting services at Wilder. Previously, someone in Ethan's situation might have needed to coordinate with multiple organizations for the same set of services. 

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Nutrition and food access with meals and groceries-on-wheels

Research in Action

Wilder Research, Gaps Study, Department of Human Services

Identifying Service Gaps to Improve Lives and Communities

A multi-year Wilder Research project with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) is informing systems changes to meet the needs of some of Minnesota's most vulnerable residents.

Beginning in 2014, DHS contracted with Wilder Research to conduct a legislatively mandated biennial study of gaps in Minnesota's publicly funded services system, including home and community-based services and mental health services. The goal is to identify how services are meeting needs for people with disabilities, older adults and adults and children living with mental illness, and to understand ares for improvement.

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Wilder Research by the Numbers

  • 179 organizations served and 257 reports produced
  • 68 publications posted online
  • 1,293 Wilder Research media mentions
  • 2,085 people attended Wilder Research presentations/trainings
  • 5,869 Twitter followers and 1,253 Facebook fans (Minnesota Compass project)

Racial Equity Action


Wilder Foundation Annual Report 2018 Racial Equity Action Support Network REASN Icon
  • 45 racial equity advocates and champions participated in bi‑monthly Racial Equity Action Support Network (REASN) gatherings
  • 150+ nonprofit practitioners received information about mental models that perpetuate racial disparities

White Anti-Racist Work


Wilder Foundation Annual Report 2018 White Anti-Racist Work Icon
  • 25 people attended "What Do We Do Now: White People Stepping Up to Address Racism" 
  • 5 executive leaders participated in six-month cohort: "White Leaders Advancing Racial Equity — Community of Practice"

Systems Change Projects


Wilder Foundation Annual Report 2018 Systems Change
  • 50 practitioners trained to expand their impact in advancing health equity 
  • 9 government and health systems engaged in changing policies, practices, and procedures to advance equity
  • 54 community leaders engaged in systems reform projects

Supporting Community Capacity

African American Babies Coalition and Projects works to promote healthy development of African American babies in the Twin Cities

  • 10,000+ people reached through online, radio and community outreach 
  • 220 community members attended social determinants of health training
  • 150 community members took part in events and planning sessions for integrated care for high risk pregnancies
  • 120 youth attended the Healing Vessels Youth Summit
  • 17 African American community members received culturally specific doula training
Doula training with the African American Babies Coalition and Projects

With African American Babies Coalition and Projects, Support Begins Before Birth

William Moore is a health educator for Ramsey County Health, a semi-pro football player, an artist and a comic book fan. He's also a doula.

William was one of 17 people—including one other man—who completed a five-day course to become a certified perinatal educator in June 2018. The course, which was sponsored by the African American Babies Coalition and Projects, taught William how to support and advocate for pregnant women and families before, during and after birth.

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2,111 Wilder volunteers donated 26,703 hours to support our mission

  • On average, each volunteer contributed 10 hours, which is the highest number Wilder has counted.

Making a Difference with Donor and Volunteer Contributions

Financial Reports: July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018 (Fiscal Year 2018)

Revenue: Sources Used to Finance Operations

Source Percent Dollars (in millions)
Government Contracts, Grants and Fees 47% $22.5
Wilder Foundation Endowment 32% $15.0
Private Grants and Gifts 12% $5.5
Private Fees and Other 9% $4.3
Total Operation Dollars 100% $47.3

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Expenses: Expenditures by Service Group

Group Percent Dollars (in millions)
Wilder Programs 52% $24.4
Wilder Research 19% $8.9
Wilder Center for Communities 13% $6.0
Administration 10% $4.8
Interest and Financial Expense 3% $1.6
Fundraising 3% $1.6
Total Operation Dollars 100% $47.3


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