Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) Task Force for the Utah Legislature: Policy, Best and Emerging Practices, and Current Issues in Utah

In 2022, the Utah MMIR Task Force partnered with Wilder Research to examine the scope and nature of the MMIR injustice and make recommendations for improvements to the criminal justice and social service systems for preventing and addressing crimes involving Indigenous relatives in Utah. This report provides an overview of the federal- and state-level policy landscape, highlights best and emerging practices, summarizes current issues in Utah, and provides recommendations related to addressing the crisis of MMIR in Utah.



Austin O'Neill, Jessie
Risco, Leticia


130 p.
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Client Organization

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Utah Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives Task Force

In 2020, the Utah Legislature created the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Task Force. The Task Force’s responsibilities include conducting Tribal consultation on issues related to the murdered and missing Indigenous relatives (MMIR) injustice, developing model protocols and procedures, identifying best practices related to case investigation and prosecution, and conducting community education and outreach. The Task Force was renamed the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Relatives Task Force in 2023.

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