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Survey Shows Minnesotans Value the Arts and Opportunities Remain to Improve Access

by Ryan Ander-Evans
Research shows that arts and creative experiences are important for people’s quality of life. The arts can impact personal health and well-being, contribute to academic achievement in children and… Read more »

Community Survey is Guiding Libraries to Meet Community Needs for Digital Access

by Anna Granias, Jennifer Valorose
Understanding the needs of residents is essential for libraries to equitably provide services. This regional library system is using results from a community survey to meet technology and digital… Read more »

Mixed Blood Theatre and “Being a Good Neighbor”: Measuring How the Arts Impact a Neighborhood

by Ryan Ander-Evans
“Being a good neighbor has helped Mixed Blood to focus on what really matters—which is the people who make up this vibrant neighborhood.” – Keri Clifton, former Mixed Blood Theatre chief engagement… Read more »

How Rochester Public Library Made Our Logic Model Work for Us

In a guest post, Rochester Public Library Director Audrey Betcher shares how their logic model helped them tell their story.

Arts Evaluation: How Theater Mu Measures its Impact

by Ryan Ander-Evans
Artists and arts organizations are being asked to “show the impact” of their art more and more often. Find out how one theater addressed that challenge by working with Wilder Research.

The Creative Space: Art Creates New Ways for People with Memory Loss to Express Themselves

Art Whisperer is what my painters sometimes call me. As Artist in Residence at Wilder’s Adult Day Health program, I participate in art class as the professional studio and social practice art… Read more »

Photographer Steve Floyd: To Describe My Work Is How to Describe My Heart

Steve Floyd is a Twin Cities-based photographer who has traveled through more than 55 countries, including traveling in photo expeditions with National Geographic photographers. He also has 25 years… Read more »