City of Brooklyn Park Police Reform Project

Illuminating systemic inequities that affect city residents

The City of Brooklyn Park has partnered with Wilder Research to evaluate safety and policing in Brooklyn Park. Wilder Research will conduct a study to illuminate systemic inequities that impact the safety of Brooklyn Park residents, particularly residents who are underserved, unserved or harmed by existing systems and practices. The study will also highlight areas for improvement for the Brooklyn Park Police Department.

The goals of the study are to:

  • Understand root causes of violence in the community
  • Develop recommendations for improving safety in the community
  • Create an assessment tool to improve the Brooklyn Park Police Department

Why is the study being done?

After George Floyd was murdered during interactions with Minneapolis police officers, the City Council asked Brooklyn Park’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) and the police department’s

About 30 people are in a large meeting room, seated 6 feet apart. At the far end of the room, a person in a mask stands at a microphone.

Multicultural Advisory Committee to develop recommendations around police reform. As part of their process, the HRC invited community members to four listening sessions to gather feedback on police reform and racial justice. Next, the city put out a request for proposals for an evaluator. Lastly, the city hired Wilder Research to continue to examine the issues and make research-driven recommendations to the City Council.

At right, community members attend one of the 2020 listening sessions. Photo courtesy of City of Brooklyn Park.

At the end of the evaluation

Brooklyn Park City Council will receive a report that will include data driven recommendations for preventing and intervening in violence, and a data-based scorecard for improving the Brooklyn Park Police Department. Wilder Research will present findings and recommendations to both the City Council and the Brooklyn Park community.

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