Gambling in Minnesota: A Study of Participation, Attitudes, and the Prevalence of Problem Gambling


Results of a statewide survey designed to: understand the types and frequencies of gambling activities in which Minnesotans participate; estimate the prevalence of problem gambling, the differences in prevalence across socio-demographic groups, and the co-occurrence of problem gambling with other health conditions; and understand attitudes toward gambling and publicly funded prevention and treatment efforts for problem gambling. 

Survey findings include: 

  • In the past year, 67% of adults in Minnesota participated in some type of gambling activity. 
  • 1.3% of adults in Minnesota are problem gamblers, which represents just over 56,000 adults. 
  • An additional 3.8% (nearly 162,000 adults) are at-risk gamblers. 

When considering those at-risk for problem gambling, there are over 217,000 adults who may need, or be close to needing, treatment for problem gambling to prevent the negative consequences that may result. These negative consequences accrue not only to the gamblers, but to others in their families and communities. 
This study showed that 22% of Minnesotans, regardless of their own participation in gambling, have been negatively affected by the gambling behaviors of others they know personally such as a friend, family member, or coworker. 

This study also showed the need for additional education and awareness about problem gambling and the appropriate and available treatment for it. Most Minnesotans are unsure whether professional counseling for problem gambling works. 

Finally, study results show there is broad support for the government to spend money on education and treatment for problem gambling. The majority of Minnesotans (over 80%) believe it is at least somewhat important for the government to spend money to educate adults on gambling responsibly, educate adults and youth about the risks of gambling, and provide problem gambling counseling.




Streich, Francie


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Gambling in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Human Services worked with Wilder Research to conduct a study on gambling in Minnesota, including participation, attitudes, and the prevalence of problem gambling.

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