Kingston Fellowships

Developing Highly Effective, Culturally Competent Leaders

Wilder employees have the opportunity to apply for a Kingston Fellowship, which provides the opportunity to develop a highly effective, culturally competent set of leaders and promote ongoing improvement of human services in the entire community. The Kingston Fellowship is an honor awarded to Wilder employees annually from the Kingston Fellowship named endowment fund. This fund was established with a lead gift from Tom and Mary Kingston along with contributions from many friends of the Wilder Foundation.

The Fellowship provides honorees the opportunity to study, teach, conduct research, exchange ideas and develop innovative programs to address community concerns. Individuals are chosen for Fellowships based on demonstrated accomplishments in their discipline, commitment to the field of human services, and leadership potential.

2019 Kingston Fellows

Cardina Esparza

Program Manager, Wilder Center for Learning and Excellence™
Cardina Esparza is the leader and manager of the Wilder Center for Learning and Excellence™ and one of the main trainers for diversity, inclusion and racial equity topics. She has over twenty-five years of experience in nonprofit service and specializes in organizational development,…

Tabe Htoo

Cultural Broker/Interpreter
Cultural Broker and Karen Interpreter for Wilder’s Community Mental Health and Wellness programs and services. Tabe would like to use the Kingston Fellowship to further her education with a goal of receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services to become a licensed clinical social worker…

Nway Linn

Treatment Director of Recovery Services, Wilder Community Mental Health & Wellness
Nway Linn, LPCC, LADC, is Treatment Director of Recovery Services in Wilder Community Mental Health & Wellness. She is a Master’s-level dually-licensed mental health professional and substance use treatment provider. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and…

Theresa Lloyd

Sr. Accounting Tech
Theresa Lloyd has been Senior Account Tech in Wilder Programs since November 2017. She will use the Kingston Fellowship to help complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Metropolitan State University. This degree will allow her to continue to enhance the billing…

Lindsay Turner

Research Associate
On all of her projects, Lindsay’s first question is, “How can this research inform real change?” She holds this question in all stages of project and evaluation, from proposals, planning, and data collection, through analysis and results communication. Lindsay specializes in the criminal…

Lee Yang

Lee Yang, MA, LADC & Mental Health Practitioner Lee Yang is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) and a Mental Health Practitioner in Wilder’s Child Guidance Clinic, planning to become a Licensed Practicing Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and hopes to obtain board approval for…