Kingston Fellowships

Developing Highly Effective, Culturally Competent Leaders

Wilder employees have the opportunity to apply for a Kingston Fellowship, which provides the opportunity to develop a highly effective, culturally competent set of leaders and promote ongoing improvement of human services in the entire community. The Kingston Fellowship is an honor awarded to Wilder employees annually from the Kingston Fellowship named endowment fund. This fund was established with a lead gift from Tom and Mary Kingston along with contributions from many friends of the Wilder Foundation.

The Fellowship provides honorees the opportunity to study, teach, conduct research, exchange ideas and develop innovative programs to address community concerns. Individuals are chosen for Fellowships based on demonstrated accomplishments in their discipline, commitment to the field of human services, and leadership potential.

2020 Kingston Fellows

AnLinh Bui

Lead Counselor/Targeted Case Manager
AnLinh Bui is Lead Counselor/Targeted Case Manager at Wilder’s Center for Social Healing. The Kingston Fellowship will assist her in completing her Doctoral in Counseling Psychology degree at St. Mary’s University, to “contribute my knowledge and expertise in mental health to all people…

Mary Her

Clinical Therapist, LICSW
Mary provides culturally specific and trauma-informed services as a clinical supervisor for Hlub Zoo, a Wilder school-based mental health program. 

Bryan Lloyd

Web & Applications Manager
Bryan provides IT leadership, strategy, and web application development for Wilder Research. He contributes his technical expertise to a wide-range of consulting, measurement, and reporting projects and teams. He oversees web and database development on Compass projects, and is principal…

Theresa Lloyd

Sr. Accounting Tech
Theresa Lloyd has been Senior Account Tech in Wilder’s Clinical Services since November 2017. She will use the Kingston Fellowship to finish her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at Metropolitan State University. “I would like to finish my degree to continue to work within my…

Chelsey Long

Lead Teacher
Ms. Chelsey is the lead teacher in the Butterfly Classroom for 3- and 4-year-olds at the Child Development Center.  As a recipient of the 2020 Kingston Fellowship, Ms. Chelsey will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development. “Preschool is the building block of a child’s educational…

Chris Naw

Administrative Specialist
Chris Naw is an Administrative Specialist in Clinical Services answering calls in a positive, welcoming and culturally sensitive manner. Chris plans to use the Kingston Fellowship to continue her education in Master of Social Work so she can become a licensed Mental Health Therapist. “My…

Sara Nelson

Mental Health Therapist and Senior Clinical Supervisor MSW, LICSW
Sara Nelson is a Senior Clinical Supervisor with the Access Team in Wilder Community Mental Health and Wellness.

Donyella Smith

Family Resource Navigator
Ms. Donyella is the family resource navigator for families at the Wilder Child Development Center.  As a recipient of the 2020 Kingston Fellowship, Donyella plans to attend the University of Minnesota to complete a Certificate in Human Service Leadership “to better serve and support the…

Bao Vang

Psychiatric Clinic Registered Nurse and Behavioral Health Home Integration Specialist
Bao Vang is a Psychiatric Clinic Registered Nurse and Behavioral Health Home Integration Specialist in Wilder’s Clinical Services and is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program —Integrative Health and Healing specialty at the University of Minnesota. “The acceptance of this…

Yulanda Williams

Business Manager
Yulanda Williams is the Business Manager at Wilder’s Community Center for Aging and has completed her second year as a student at Concordia University Chicago in the PhD, gerontology and leadership program. As an African American gerontologist, “it is my goal to provide another…

Tsua Xiong

Peer Specialist
Tsua Xiong is a Peer Specialist within Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) at Wilder and a current graduate student at Augsburg University in the Master’s in Social Work Program with a multicultural clinical concentration. “My goal is to take a National Peer Support Specialist…

Wa Yang

Psych RN in the Clinical Services
Wa Yang is a Psych RN in the Clinical Services at Wilder and pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree specializing as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) at the University of Minnesota. Upon completion, “I will be able to contribute to the human service area…