Kingston Fellowship for Wilder Employees

Developing Highly Effective, Culturally Competent Leaders


Wilder employees are able to apply for a Kingston Fellowship, which provides the opportunity to develop a highly effective, culturally competent set of leaders and promote ongoing improvement of human services in the entire community. The Kingston Fellowship is an honor awarded to Wilder employees annually from the Kingston Fellowship named endowment fund. This fund was established with a lead gift from Tom and Mary Kingston along with contributions from many friends of the Wilder Foundation.

The Fellowship provides honorees the opportunity to study, teach, conduct research, exchange ideas and develop innovative programs to address community concerns. Individuals are chosen for Fellowships based on demonstrated accomplishments in their discipline, commitment to the field of human services, and leadership potential.


2023 Kingston Fellows

Congratulations 2023 Kingston Fellows

Sheri Booms Holm

Sheri is responsible for coordinating and implementing new and updated content and features on the Minnesota Compass website, and promotes its use.   Sheri joined Wilder Research in the fall of 2019. Previously, she was director of communications for West Central Initiative, a regional…

Sam Frank

Sam is a dually licensed mental health and drug and alcohol counselor in Wilder Community Mental health and Wellness and Wilder Recovery Services. Education: Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Argosy University. Clinician since: 2016

Kyla Goux

Kyla is a research associate with a wide range of interests from early childhood education and disability justice to racial and culturally accessible health care. She is particularly focused on food and environmental justice topics and leads Wilder’s food access and environmental…

Jennifer Kim-Ardakani

Jennifer is a mental health practitioner with Wilder school-based mental health. She works in Saint Paul Music Academy.

Sara Schmidt

Sara is a mental health practitioner with Wilder's Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) team. Education: Bachelor of Arts, The George Washington University; Master of Social Work, University of Minnesota Clinician since: 2020

May Tun

May supports adult mental wellness and recovery as a Care Coordinator with Wilder's Community Mental Health & Wellness Services. She is multilingual in Karen, Thai, and English. Care Coordinator since: 2020

2022 Kingston Fellows

Justin Hollis

Justin specializes in policy research and program evaluation, data science and economic analysis and uses survey data, social indicators, demographic and geographic analysis for measuring progress, exposing inequities, and promoting informed civil discourse on issues of shared quality of…

Charlotte Huffaker

Charlotte Huffaker is a Wilder School-Based Mental Health Therapist at Cherokee Heights Elementary, where she assesses, diagnoses, and provides mental health treatment for elementary students pre-K through 5th grade in the educational setting. Charlotte is hoping to attend the U of M in…

Precious Ojika

Precious Ojika, LPN, has been a Health Care Technician at Wilder’s Ravoux Assisted Living since 2015. Her goal with the help of the Kingston Fellowship is to obtain an RN degree because there is a shortage of Registered Nurses in the community and to help Wilder expand its nursing…

Molly Rinehart

Molly Rinehart is a Youth Housing Case Manager for the Lincoln Place program, currently working with a case load of 12 youth, ages 18–24. Molly is enrolled in St. Catherine University’s Master of Social Work (MSW) Program, expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2023. She hopes to obtain a…

Malea Seng

Malea Seng is a Sr. Accounting Tech in Wilder’s Clinical Services and is enrolled at Inver Hills Community College pursuing a degree in finance. Pursuing a higher education has been a life-long desire for Malea. A finance degree will give her the knowledge and skills needed to support the…

Elizabeth Shadeko

Elizabeth Shadeko has worked at Wilder since 2000 and supports adult mental wellness as a Targeted Case Manager with Wilder's Community Mental Health & Wellness Services.

Wanda Walker

Wanda N. Walker is Operations Director for Wilder’s Economic Stability and Aging Services, assisting the Vice Presidents of Wilder Programs to develop and implement policies and strategies to improve productivity and efficiency levels and build an enjoyable division culture. Wanda is…

Ashley West

Ashley is a lead mental health practitioner with Wilder's Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) team.

Wa Yang

Wa Yang, Adult Outpatient Psych RN, plans to continue completing program coursework and obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree specializing as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) at the University of Minnesota, graduating in the Spring of 2022. Wa has an…