Wilder Research announces latest pro bono research and evaluation projects to support culturally specific organizations


Wilder Research will be working with MN8, Foster Advocates, and Black Table Arts as part of its effort to provide pro bono research and evaluation consultation to support culturally specific organizations. The three organizations were chosen from 57 applications received for this year’s projects.

  • MN8 provides direct support to Southeast Asian families impacted by detention and deportation through community organizing and leadership development to bring about social and political change. Wilder Research is working with MN8 to conduct its first community needs assessment with the Khmer community in Minnesota. The primary topics of interest include immigration, culturally specific food (in)security, and electoral knowledge and understanding, as well as mental health, transportation access and financial assistance. MN8 plans to use the data to improve current programming and develop new programming that is relevant to the Khmer community.
  • Foster Advocates works to improve the foster care space in Minnesota through advocacy, policy change, and organizing by partnering with Fosters and impacted communities. The organization serves around 17,000 current and former Fosters across Minnesota. Wilder Research and Foster Advocates will work together to create a logic model which can be shared with funders, used in grant applications, and will help them expand their evaluation efforts in the future.
  • Black Table Arts Cooperative is a community driven arts cooperative located in Minneapolis, Minnesota gathering black communities through the arts toward better black futures. The Cooperative combines art and organizing to uplift and fortify communities fighting for a more just world, and believes “we must work together, to get free together.” Wilder Research will work with Black Table Arts Cooperative with guidance from a community advisory group to develop a logic model, evaluation plan, and data gathering tools, which will be used to articulate their approach, inform their work, and share the story of their impact with the community and funders.   

In late 2021, Wilder invited applications from culturally specific organizations in need of useful, actionable research and evaluation services at no cost. Wilder Research has dedicated funding to support research projects with culturally specific organizations or organizations working to meet the needs of communities of color and other communities (e.g., LGBTQ, specific disability communities) since 2015. Last year Wilder worked with Rebound, Inc. and Raíces Sagradas Community Mental Health.