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Public Policy Update: Wilder’s 2022 Legislative Agenda


The 2022 Minnesota Legislative session has officially reconvened in what promises to be a busy and unique policy year. Wilder’s Public Policy team is committed to creating spaces for community members to engage with the legislative process. In that spirit, we are pleased to share the 2022 Legislative Agenda and relaunch our regular public policy communications and updates.

Wilder staff work every day to provide critical supports to individuals and families throughout our communities. We are honored for the opportunity and proud of the work that Wilder conducts in support of community, but are also humbled by the obstacles that our clients regularly face due to systemic barriers. It is with a deep understanding of the many systemic issues that our communities must overcome that inspires and drives our Public Policy team to effect positive change.


Informed by our values and principles, and inspired by the resilience, expertise and strength of our clients and staff, our 2022 legislative agenda reflects Wilder’s commitment to serving our community.

Wilder's Lead Agenda Items

1. Stable & Accessible Public Health Care Programs: Mental & Physical Health Care, Housing, & Homelessness Prevention

Wilder will work to improve access to quality health care in Minnesota.

  • Enhance Medicaid - Wilder will work through the This Is Medicaid (TIM) Coalition on proactive efforts to solidify and improve Minnesota’s Medicaid Program.
  • Healthcare Workforce - Wilder will work with its statewide partners to address the critical workforce crisis by seeking to implement practical solutions to ensure that our healthcare workforce, particularly home and community-based services and behavioral health, have the needed resources to provide quality care for all.

2. Affordable Housing & Homelessness Prevention

Wilder will work to increase access to safe and affordable housing and to prevent homelessness for all Minnesotans.

  • Homes for All Agenda - Wilder will work through the Homes for All Coalition, as a key leader, to improve housing stability and increase supports for people experiencing homelessness in Minnesota.

In addition to these lead items, Wilder will engage as a supporting and endorsing partner for many additional efforts. For more information, please review Wilder’s 2022 Legislative Agenda.

Public Policy Updates

Moving forward, you can expect regular bite-sized posts from Wilder’s Public Policy team. These posts will feature updates on the public policy work of Wilder staff, analyses about policy issues important to the broader Wilder community, opportunities for engagement and tips on how to translate your expertise into powerful advocacy.

The Public Policy team is actively working on increasing its engagement with community, this is only one vehicle to further integrate with our amazing community. Adrián Magana, the Director of Public Policy & Community Relations invites you to contact him with any feedback, ideas for content, and information relating to these posts or other ideas for providing the community useful information and meaningful avenues to engage. Contact Adrián at

Policy Pro Corner

Tip # 6: Lean forward and be comfortable not knowing everything.

Don’t know everything? Guess what, no one does! Your experiences, knowledge, and passion are valuable and important for lawmakers to hear. The Capitol can feel like an intimidating space and it’s common for people (especially from marginalized communities) to feel unqualified to share their valuable thoughts and expertise. (You have expertise in something valuable that others don’t!)

When you feel intimidated, think of the world we live in. Lawmakers and regulars at the Capitol certainly have their areas of expertise, but if there aren't gaps of knowledge, expertise, and perspectives at the Capitol, then why aren’t things better than they are? Empower yourself and your community to engage in the policymaking process. You don’t need to know everything to make an impact!