Pahoua Yang Testifies on Behalf of Mental Health Workforce Relief Bill


On March 8, 2022, Dr. Pahoua Yang, Wilder's vice president of Community Mental Health and Wellness, shared testimony with members of the Minnesota House Human Services Finance and Policy Committee in support of HF 3215. This bill would provide $62 million to ensure Minnesota's community mental health workforce is able to meet the increasing needs for mental health support across the state.

"Our safety net community mental health providers are struggling with financial losses that were challenging before 2020. These have been exacerbated by the pandemic, by significant work force shortages and deep operational challenges," said Yang. "At the same time that we are experiencing deep financial and workforce challenges, we are seeing people with a greater need, with higher levels of stress and acuity than we ever have before...we need to ensure that mental health programs across Minnesota can keep critically needed services available." You can watch her full testimony in the recording above (beginning at 12:15).

Wilder is working in partnership with AspireMN, and a number of other mental health providers, networks, and associations to secure a stable and robust mental health system for communities throughout the state. Learn more about Wilder's 2022 legislative priorities and agenda.