Strategies for Financial Inclusion: Reaching Out to African American, Hmong, Latino, Somali, and 1.5 Generation Customers Final Report

The purpose of this study was to learn ways of promoting increased mainstream financial service usage among four cultural communities: African American, Hmong, Latino, and Somali. This report synthesizes key findings for the overall study, including the literature search, the talking circles, and the interviews with financial professionals. Separate, detailed reports are available on the literature reviews and the talking circles.



25 p.

Project Information

ECHO Minnesota

ECHO Minnesota partners with health, safety, and media organizations to help diverse communities access the resources they need regarding health, safety, civic engagement, and emergency readiness. They worked with Wilder Research to gather information about increasing mainstream financial service usage among four cultural communities. For more information and resources produced through the Make Money Work project, go to:

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