Prospective Return On Investment of the Northside Achievement Zone

This prospective return on investment (ROI) study quantifies the costs and benefits of implementing NAZ solutions with Brandon, a typical child living in the Northside Achievement Zone. Brandon and his family will be enrolled in NAZ for five years (not necessarily consecutively) and will participate in some of NAZ's most popular programs. This ROI study adds up these benefits of Brandon's involvement in NAZ and compares them to the costs of NAZ implementation to estimate the net benefits and social return on investment of NAZ. This is the full report.



Diaz, Jose
Gehrig, Sarah
Shelton, Ellen


62 p.
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Client Organization

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Northside Achievement Zone

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is a collaboration of community organizations whose mission is to build a culture of achievement in North Minneapolis to assure all youth graduate from high school college-ready. The evaluation includes community surveys, year-end reports, and a prospective return on investment study. In addition, Wilder Research evaluates specific components of NAZ strategies, as part of their continuous process improvement. Find more reports on NAZ's site: http://northsideachievement.org/how-were-doing/results/

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