Cael Warren

Research Economist

Cael is an economist and an unabashed data geek with a passion for using research to solve real-world problems. He specializes in survey design, assembling and managing datasets from multiple sources, various quantitative and economic analysis methodologies, and finding the best way to answer a research question with the data and resources available.

Cael’s research generally centers on environmental issues or services and supports for historically underrepresented or marginalized populations. His past work includes studies of recycling and waste management services for Ramsey County and the City of Saint Paul, an analysis of the home improvement needs of low-income older adults to enable them to remain in their homes, a study of the educational needs of Hmong farmers in Minnesota, and ongoing data management and reporting for the Northside Achievement Zone in North Minneapolis.

Cael received his B.A. in economics and environmental studies from Macalester College, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador’s Sustainable Agriculture program. He is currently a Ph.D. student in applied economics (with a focus on environmental and natural resource economics) at the University of Minnesota, where he is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

Cael is generally happiest when he is building a dataset or exploring it for answers to questions that matter, though he’s also quite happy when he’s building a raised garden bed or exploring it for lost root vegetables. He enjoys puzzles and problem-solving, from jigsaw puzzles to coding, from chicken coop design to cost-benefit analysis. Atop the list of things Cael couldn’t live without (just below his amazing family, friends, and colleagues) are a powerful laptop and a pristine wilderness.

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