Northside Achievement Zone 2014 Year-End Report

This report is an analysis of student outcomes from the latest school year (2013-14) for NAZ scholars as reported by Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) based on administrative records. It describes NAZ�s progress on its four key academic goal areas: kindergarten readiness, 3rd grade reading, 8th grade math, and high school graduation.




32 p.

Project Information

Northside Achievement Zone

The Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is a collaboration of community organizations whose mission is to build a culture of achievement in North Minneapolis to assure all youth graduate from high school college-ready. The evaluation includes community surveys, year-end reports, and a prospective return on investment study. In addition, Wilder Research evaluates specific components of NAZ strategies, as part of their continuous process improvement. Find more reports on NAZ's site:

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