ISD 287's Student Safety Coaches: Summary of Literature and Staff Survey, School Year 2019-2020

ISD 287 replaced police officers with district employees titled “Student Safety Coaches” to build positive relationships with students and staff and promote safety in district buildings. Wilder Research conducted a literature review on school resource officers, met with SSC leadership to build a logic model, and surveyed ISD staff on perceptions of the SSC program.




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ISD 287 Restorative Practices

Intermediate School District 287 provides intensive educational supports to its students. ISD 287 staff use a variety of practices to manage the school atmosphere, foster social connection, manage interpersonal conflict, and maintain school safety. Restorative practices comprise some of the tools that ISD 287 students, teachers, and staff use to create a safe, nurturing, and productive school environment. Since the 2014–2015 school year, Wilder Research has been working with ISD 287 to evaluate restorative practices in the district.

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