Wilder Research announces Telling Queer History and Healing Justice Foundation as pro bono partners


Telling Queer History and Healing Justice Foundation have been selected from 37 organizations that applied for pro bono research and evaluation assistance from Wilder Research. This work will support culturally specific organizations’ needs by providing useful, actionable research and evaluation services at no cost.

Telling Queer History’s mission is to connect LGBTQ+ people across generations and identities through storytelling to foster compassion, empathy, and healing. Telling Queer History does this by creating a vulnerable, heart-centered, artful space for people to connect. By telling personal stories, TQH builds community and ensures we have history to pass down to future generations. The organization aims to repair erasure and direct harm by creating a community that is rooted in collective history and fosters belonging for all, now and in the future. Telling Queer History’s LGBTQ+ community includes all kinds of people across age, race, class, gender, ability, and other social demographics.

Wilder Research will support TQH in measuring and documenting their impact through survey development and by conducting interviews with storytellers and event participants.

Healing Justice Foundation’s vision is “May All Black Lives Be Healed, Liberated and Whole.” The organization’s goals are to obtain and deploy funds for the Black community to offer healing for healers, enable access to alternative and complementary healing modalities, proactively support individuals, families, and healing organizations, and provide individuals and families with financial support to obtain emergency services during times of crisis. Further, HJF is committed to supporting the creation of a Red Cross-like ecosystem of healing justice for the Black community.

The Healing Justice Foundation aspires to cultivate joy, understand met and unmet community needs (including during incidents of violence and trauma), and identify preventive programs and services for healing justice (radical self-care, social justice and mental health for the Black community).

Wilder will work with HJF to map the current community cultural healing ecosystem, including key organizations, leaders, and others who share interests in supporting and growing the collective capacity of the ecosystem. This work will also help to inform the broader ecosystem mapping of Black-led social change in partnership with Black Collective Foundation MN. It will involve identifying shared needs, interests, and ways that philanthropy, government, and corporations can engage and support the healing of Black people, families, and communities.