MayKao Y. Hang, Wilder President and CEO, Julie Brunner, Wilder Board Chair

Wilder President and Board Chair Present 2018 Accomplishments in Annual Report


A Message from President and CEO MayKao Y. Hang and Board Chair Julie Brunner

Thank you for your support of Wilder’s mission to improve lives today and for generations to come. In 2018, our supporters, community members, funders and partners worked together to eliminate barriers and advance opportunities for people to succeed now and in the future.

Much of this work happened under the guidance of Alex Cirillo, who completed a two-year term as chair of the Wilder Board of Directors this year. We are grateful to Alex for his continued service and are pleased to present this report of Wilder’s accomplishments in 2018. We hope the stories shared here inspire you to come along with us to envision a strong and vibrant Saint Paul where everyone has a pathway to achieve their full potential and live a good life.

The Family Independence Initiative Twin Cities, also known as FII, expanded from 2 cohorts to 11 cohorts. This strengths-based family approach uses a data-driven strategy to invest directly in the work families are doing to lift themselves out of poverty, generate community, and help participants build sustainable change to improve future generations. Wilder Community Mental Health and Wellness ushered in a new model of mental health care that provides comprehensive and integrated behavioral health, helping to define what mental health and substance abuse services should be to truly meet the needs present in our communities. An immediate effect of this new model: Wait times for a first appointment if there is an urgent mental health need have dropped from several months to the same or next day.

We are excited to continue multiplying our impact in the community in this next fiscal year. We recently launched the Wilder Center for Learning and Excellence, which provides education and consulting services, through which our staff share decades of experience and community insight. Data from the triennial Minnesota Homeless Study will help create an accurate picture of homelessness in the state and inform efforts to create more permanent, affordable housing for all Minnesotans. Our focus on racial equity will continue to inform how we engage with our communities, build our workforce and deliver services so that we can have the greatest impact for those we serve.

These are just a few examples of how Wilder makes a difference in our community. When we identify gaps in systems, we dig in deep to understand the root causes and address them using our core competencies in direct services, research, and community building. When people come to us in moments of crisis, we find ways to make an immediate difference, and then help them envision and create the future they want for themselves.

However you have supported Wilder, know that your contributions have helped create lasting, positive change rooted in people.

Thank you.