Incredible Years Parents and Babies Training: Summary of June 2011 Training Results

Wilder Foundation?s Early Childhood Services hosted its third two-day training for early childhood professionals on the Incredible Years Parents and Babies curriculum. The training focused on increasing participants? knowledge of the content of the curriculum and basic group facilitation skills. Training participants were asked to provide feedback on each day of the training, as well as their overall perceptions of the training at its conclusion This report summarizes the results from the June 2011 Incredible Years training.



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Incredible Years

The Wilder Foundation's Incredible Years program promotes social and emotional competence and works to prevent, reduce, and treat children's behavioral and emotional problems. It includes a classroom component for young children, a children's therapy group, and a parent education group. The most recent report provides information about the program's work with Cummins Power Generation in which they implemented the Six Sigma business process to develop a sustainability plan for Incredible Years.

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