Executive Summary: Description of A Qualitative Exploration of Parent Retention and Engagement in Early Childhood Home Visiting

An extensive body of research has linked home visiting programs with a wide variety of benefits for children and parents. Previous research has explored home visiting engagement and retention, but most analyses have relied on administrative program data to explore engagement patterns. This project was designed to provide deeper information from the perspective of parents. Semi-structured telephone interviews were conducted with 320 parents. These parents included people who graduated from programs or who were enrolled with long-term participation, parents who enrolled in the program but left early, and parents who were referred to the program but did not enroll.



Holm-Hansen, Cheryl
Thomsen, Darcie


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Home Visiting Engagement and Retention

Wilder Research conducted a qualitative exploration of parent retention and engagement in early childhood home visiting for the Minnesota Department of Health. Over 300 semi-structured interviews were conducted with parents from 19 home visiting sites across Minnesota.

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