Meet Our Community Mental Health & Wellness Team

Our friendly, multicultural and experienced mental health professionals and practitioners are here to help.

Outpatient Therapy Providers

Wilder's outpatient therapists are part of a team who provide diagnostic assessments, individual and family therapy, treatment planning and referrals for other services that might be helpful. 

Carla Cowan

Mental Health Therapist MA, LP

Simone Greenleaf

Mental Health Therapist, LAMFT

Raksmey Grotte

Clinical Psychologist, Psy.D, LP

Ka Lo

Mental Health Therapist MSW, LICSW

Sara Nelson

Mental Health Therapist and Senior Clinical Supervisor MSW, LICSW

M. Susan Pfau

Mental Health Practitioner, LAMFT

Ashley Plourde

Mental Health Therapist MSW, LGSW

Nou Vang

Mental Health Therapist LAMFT

Gaonue Vang

CTSS BA Counselor

Gia Xiong

Mental Health Therapist, MSW, LICSW

Hua Xiong-Her

Mental Health Therapist and Clinical Supervisor MS, LMFT, LICSW

School-Based Mental Health Providers

Wilder provides school-based mental health services at more than 20 elementary, middle and high schools in Saint Paul. Our school-based mental health team provides culturally responsive services through Kofi and Hlub Zoo as well as general mental health services. 

Michael Brooks

Mental Health Practitioner, MSW, LGSW

Robert "Bobby" Brown III

Mental Health Practitioner, MA

Barry Duran Alexander Sr.

Mental Health Practitioner, MA LPC 

Evette Farley

Mental Health Professional, MA, LPCC, LADC

Janna Fennell

Mental Health Professional, MA

Yonis Gabow

Mental Health Professional, LMFT

Mary Her

Clinical Therapist, LICSW

Jennifer Kim-Ardakani

Mental Health Practitioner

Tara Marshall

Mental Health Professional

Terria McGee

Mental Health Therapist MSW, LGSW

TaLana McGee

Mental Health Practitioner

Mai Lor Moua

Mental Health Professional, LICSW

Veronica Ekaette Okokon Nelson

Mental Health Practitioner, MSW, LGSW

Talea Plata

Mental Health Practitioner, LGSW

Maria Rios

Mental Health Practitioner, MSW, LGSW

Chaneé Rudolph

Mental Health Professional, LAMFT, Ph.D.

Matt Sebold

Mental Health Professional, MSW, LICSW

Anne Thao

Mental Health Practitioner

Cheng Vang

Mental Health Practitioner

Pawoua Xiong

Mental Health Practitioner, LGSW

In-Home and Community Providers

Our in-home and community providers can meet your mental health needs in settings that are comfortable and convenient for you.

Sarah DeGroot (Dzik)

Mental Health Practitioner

Naw Doh Doh

Mental Health Practitioner, BS, MPH

Suzinna Lee

Mental Health Practitioner

Bee Moua

Mental Health Practitioner, MSW, LGSW

Sara Schmidt

Mental Health Practitioner, MSW, LGSW

Nugyen Tran

Counseling Assistant & Group Facilitator

Abby Voigt

Clinical Supervisor, LICSW

June Way

Mental Health Practitioner

Ashley West

Mental Health Practitioner

Yer Xiong

Mental Health Practitioner

Ranee Xiong

Mental Health Practitioner

Wilder Recovery Services Providers

Naw Day Day

Case Manager, Recovery Services

Sam Frank

Mental Health Therapist/Drug and Alcohol Counselor, MA, LADC and LPCC

Alex Larson

Mental Health Therapist & Professional, MA LPCC LADC

Sam Vitiello

MA, LADC and Mental Health Practitioner

Lee Yang

MA, LADC and MH Practitioner

Derrick Yang

Mental Health Peer Support Specialist/Peer Recovery Support Specialist