Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary

Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School


This richly diverse neighborhood school is next to the Dayton’s Bluff Recreation Center on Saint Paul’s East Side.  As an Achievement Plus school, Dayton’s Bluff is a full-service community school with a focus on raising student achievement. School and community partners work together to provide resources that help students continue to succeed. Students are encouraged to ask questions, solve problems and learn how things work. Each child receives a full day of learning through classes such as science, music and physical education and other activities. An instructional content coach helps students learn to monitor their academic growth and understand their skill level. Visit the Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus website for more information.

Achievement Plus Resources

Through Achievement Plus, Dayton's Bluff students, families and community members have access to:

  • Basic needs (housing, clothing, food) 
  • Wilder School-Based Mental Health Services
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters: A school-based program that provides young people with volunteer mentors.
  • After-school enrichment programs: EDL and Rec Check provide students with academic support and enrichment opportunities
  • Onsite nurse practitioner
  • Dental clinic services
  • The Sheridan Story – weekend food program
  • And more

Site Coordinator

Cindy Torguson