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Guaranteed income isn’t just asset building. It’s economic justice

by Liz Kaufman
72 Twin Cities community members got a boost of financial flexibility in January. With the launch of Rai$e, Wilder’s new guaranteed income program, each participant received a debit card that will be… Read more »

Who Counts, and How to be Counted

I am a Jewish, bisexual woman and I am a researcher, and from all of these perspectives the questions of who counts and how to be counted are important ones. It is meaningful that the word “counts”… Read more »

5 Things to Watch for in Minnesota’s 2019 Legislative Session

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 marked the beginning of a new state legislative session. Since Minnesota runs on a two-year budget cycle, our state government is constitutionally required to pass a balanced… Read more »

Reimagining Knowledge, Power and Experience for Community-Driven Change

At some point, many of us have heard the phrase, “knowledge is power,” but how many of us have actually taken that phrase literally? For many years, my understanding of knowledge was based on a '… Read more »

3 Ways Culturally Specific Mental Health Services Break Barriers to Community Treatment

by Barbara Williamson
Working as a social worker for over thirty-five years with people from all backgrounds, I have witnessed firsthand the struggles individuals face dealing with mental health issues – particularly… Read more »

2018 Legislative Session Recap

In even years the Minnesota Legislature is under no constitutional obligation to convene, but they typically meet to pass a bill to finance capital infrastructure, policy items, and perhaps a small… Read more »

Hello Fellows: Meet Shawn Schuette

by Shawn Schuette
Wilder employees have the opportunity to apply for Kingston Fellowships, an honor awarded annually based on accomplishments, commitment to human services and leadership potential. In March 2017,… Read more »

Research as a Tool for Planning and Partnership

by Anna Granias
Most researchers and evaluators do the work they do hoping it will be used to improve the lives of others and not end up sitting on a shelf. So I was thrilled when Community Action Partnership of… Read more »