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Law Enforcement Response to Mental Health Needs: How Do We Measure Improvement?

by Melissa Serafin
Both law enforcement and mental health advocates have long identified issues with how individuals with mental health and substance use needs are served. Sometimes called “social workers of last… Read more »

Engaging Community to Prevent Crime and End Police Violence

Everybody deserves to be safe from violence, including police violence. Research shows community engagement is a key mechanism to both prevent crime and end police violence. Lindsay Turner explains.

Understanding Sex Trafficking and What Minnesota is Doing to Address It

by Julie Atella
A recent Wilder Research report confirms that commercial sexual exploitation is much more widespread in Minnesota than most of us think.

Five Facts That Can Help You Save a Life: What You Need to Know About Commercial Sexual Exploitation

By understanding the many ways commercial sexual exploitation happens and by being aware of signs it may be happening near you, you can help save a life. Five facts to know.

Five Things About Youth Who Have Had an Incarcerated Parent

by Julie Atella
​If you work with youth in Minnesota, it’s likely you are working with people who have been affected by parental incarceration, even if you do not realize it. Data from the 2013 Minnesota Student… Read more »