Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Advocates for Income Stabilization Legislation


On March 23, Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood Advocacy and Civic Engagement Program Manager Megan Jekot shared testimony with Minnesota lawmakers in support of legislation that would help families stabilize their income.

House File 4124 would reduce income assessments for the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) from monthly to once every six months and would determine eligibility based on more current income information. This income-stabilizing proposal would decrease the likelihood of families becoming income ineligible due to a temporary increase in work hours or pay, and would provide families a pathway into saving and stability. Watch Megan's testimony to the House Human Services Finance and Policy Committee below:

Megan shared the story of a woman in the Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood who is pursuing a business degree and a realtor's license and has had to reduce her work hours to make her education and career goals possible while also caring for her three-year-old son. She looks to MFIP to fill in the gaps as she works to build a better future for her family, but her income and MFIP benefit have fluctuated in this transition. "The stress of not being able to predict her monthly income has been stressful," said Megan. "She is working to become more financially independent, yet feels penalized for doing so."

Join Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood, Greater Twin Cities United Way, and community partners by letting your legislators know you support HF4124, and that it will make it easier for Minnesotans to fully participate in our state’s workforce. 

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