In Response to the Killing of Daunte Wright

4/12/21 by Armando Camacho

Dear Friends of Wilder,

Our community is facing another outrage and tragedy. Wilder joins you and our community in grieving the death of Daunte Wright, a 20-year old Black man, father, son, significant other and community member, at the hands of police. Familiar scenes are playing out before us: Protesters taking to the streets to demand justice and accountability while police officers in riot gear attempt to disperse crowds.

We are heartbroken and exhausted and join you in mourning Daunte and grieving with his family, friends and community. His life was precious and full of meaning. Daunte matters. Black lives matter.

For so many people at Wilder and in our community—especially those identifying as Black, Indigenous and people of color—the killing of Daunte Wright adds pain and trauma to a time that is already beyond difficult. For weeks we have been re-experiencing the tragedy of George Floyd’s murder and processing the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Just yesterday the world witnessed the final moments of Adam Toledo's life after he was fatally shot by police in Chicago. Adam was a 13-year-old Latino child. All of this is more than anyone should have to bear, and even more so for Black and Brown communities locally and around the country.

Though our hearts are heavy, we will continue to offer support and healing as our mission guides us to do. If you wish to provide direct support to Daunte’s family or the Brooklyn Center community, the Sahan Journal has compiled a list of resources and opportunities to help.

Please know that all of Wilder is with you and our community at this time. I ask that we all take care of ourselves and find ways to support one another. As I have had to say so often this year, please ask for what you need and offer what you can. I can’t offer words to make sense of this moment, but I can offer empathy, compassion and support. Thank you for all the ways you give strength to each other and the entire community. I am amazed by the resiliency I see at Wilder and in our communities, and I am proud to be here with you. We need each other now more than ever.