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Minnesota Strengthening Families Affected by Incarceration Collaborative

Addressing the strengths and needs of families affected by incarceration in Minnesota

More than 5 million children in the U.S. have had a parent who lived with them go to jail or prison. 

Incarceration often creates challenges for children and families at home, in school, and in their communities. The collaborative is working to inform and improve practices and policies that address the needs of children, caregivers, and incarcerated parents.

Using data from the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey (MSS), the collaborative examined who has an incarcerated parent and the affect on academic outcomes, chemical use, and mental health outcomes. 

Youth Affected Parental Incarceration Infographics

Who is Affected by Parental Incarceration?

1 in 6 Minnesota youth has experienced parental incarceration.

Forum Videos

The collaborative hosted a series of forums for school staff, mental health workers, parents, caregivers, correctional facilities staff, and others who interact with youth. The forums included the research about mental health, chemical health, and school outcomes among youth affected by incarceration, as well as personal stories from those affected and the experiences of those working with youth.

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