SHIP Community Garden Intervention, Progress Report: January 2011-June 2011

This report provides a snapshot of progress on a community gardens initiative through the Nicollet Community Health Board (CHB) from January 2011 through June 2011. The project is part of a larger effort by Brown-Nicollet CHB, funded by the Minnesota Department of Health’s Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), to improve the health of residents in Brown and Nicollet Counties. Wilder Research conducted key informant interviews with steering committee members.



Wagner, Brittney


4 p.

Project Information

Brown-Nicollet Community Health Board SHIP

Brown-Nicollet Community Health Board (CHB) implemented multiple projects after receiving funding from the Minnesota Department of Health Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP). Initiatives included working with child care centers and schools to increase physical activity, implementing policies for tobacco-free workplaces and postsecondary grounds, and establishing community gardens to improve a community's access to healthy foods. Reports describe the impact of the initiatives. Wilder Research worked with multiple SHIP grantees across the state of Minnesota.

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