Kofi Housing Assistance: Summary Findings from Interviews with Parents

The Wilder Kofi Services Program provides culturally specific, school-based mental health services to African American youth and their families. Kofi partners with Saint Paul Public Schools to encourage students who have been diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance in order to help students find strength and self-worth through their heritage and cultural identity.

In 2016, Wilder Foundation’s Family Supportive Housing Services program developed a housing assistance fund specifically for families in Kofi. To learn more about how this new source of assistance has impacted Kofi families, Wilder Research conducted telephone interviews with parents who have received the funding.




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Wilder Foundation Family Supportive Housing Services

Wilder Foundation Family Supportive Housing Services works with individuals and families to assist them in finding and maintaining housing, establishing a stable source of income, and connecting to needed health services. Reports present program evaluation results.

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