American Indian Homeless in Minnesota, Fact Sheet: Minnesota Statewide Homelessness Study, 2006

This fact sheet is based on the 2006 Statewide Study of Homelessness. It focuses on American Indians who were identified as homeless on October 26, 2006 and who were not living on reservations.



Wilder Research


2 p.

Project Information

Homelessness in Minnesota 2006 Study

This is a comprehensive study of the causes, circumstances, and effects of homelessness in Minnesota. In October 2006, interviewers conducted face-to-face interviews with people experiencing homelessness and living in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, battered women's shelters, and a variety of non-shelter locations. Reports include overall results and data on specific locations or populations, such as families and veterans. A report from a companion study of homelessness on Indian Reservations is also included. Every three years since 1991, Wilder Research has conducted a statewide survey of people who are homeless or living in temporary housing programs.

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