Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

Wilder Research has been working with Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts to develop a Theory of Change and create evaluation approaches for our MSAB-funded Arts Learning and Arts Access programs. Wilder’s work has been transformational.

For each of the evaluation projects, they drilled down to what is important about the work - who benefits, who grows, what aspects of the opportunities had the greatest impact, how did the work change perceptions, and how did the work support artistic excellence.  

They developed short Q&A’s, checklists, and other user-friendly ways for participants to give meaningful answers - real information about real experiences, collected in ways that make sense to the average person. They went further and looked at the various audiences of each project, and shaped questions to reflect those particular experiences - a really effective 360° look at what happened, who cared, and what changed.

But more than that, this work has had a huge impact on how we understand the value of the artistic process and product ourselves. The questions Wilder Research asked have drawn out information that we had never considered - information that meant we would have a better artistic process and product next time around. 

Wilder’s evaluation approach has not only given us data, but has strengthened how we see the artistic process itself, and how we can continue to grow artistically. And right there - THAT is why we all do this work. Working with Wilder Research has been one of the best experiences Interact, or I, have ever had with a consultant. 

- Jeanne Calvit, Artistic/Executive Director/Founder, Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts