Tracy Hilke, recipient of 2022 MayKao Y. Hang Courageous Leader Award

Wilder staff member Tracy Hilke receives the 2022 MayKao Y. Hang Courageous Leader Award


Congratulations to Tracy Hilke, Community Mental Health and Wellness Integration Manager at Wilder, who has been announced as the recipient of the 2022 MayKao Y. Hang Courageous Leader Award.

The award recognizes and celebrates Wilder staff who demonstrate leadership related to diversity, equity and inclusion. It is in honor of former president and CEO MayKao Y. Hang.


Tracy's leadership has been instrumental in leading and sustaining Wilder’s DEI efforts.

Tracy was selected for her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and her work regarding recruitment, retention, clinical practice integration, and coordinating community initiatives. She has been a leader for more than a decade with organization-wide initiatives such as the Inclusion Action Team Co-Chair, serving as an IDI Qualified Administrator, and co- leading the trauma-informed resource group.  Her leadership has been instrumental in leading and sustaining Wilder’s DEI efforts.

Here is an excerpt from Tracy’s nomination:

Over her 25 years at Wilder, Tracy has demonstrated continued leadership, and promoted positive change. Long before organization-wide goals, Tracy understood the value of inclusivity and diversity-so much so she eagerly became an IDI facilitator to encourage and assist her colleagues in their personal journeys and create a foundation-wide atmosphere that embraces diverse thinking, creative approaches, and increased knowledge sharing. She demonstrates leadership by exhibiting the importance of a diverse work environment. Tracy is intentional with her hiring practices, and ensures our staff represent the community we serve and she has long been an advocate of a whole family approach.

Tracy embodies the culture change in Wilder Programs. She is always encouraging those around her to see what’s possible and is able to offer suggestions and feedback to foster a more accepting and diverse work environment. Anyone who knows her will tell you- Tracy is honest, direct, and forthcoming with her feedback. Constructive feedback isn’t always easy to receive, but Tracy has a way of doing it so you feel supported and want to do a better job and be a better person.

Congratulations, Tracy!