Volunteer Impact: In Her Own Words


My role as a volunteer in the Child Guidance Clinic (CGC) is to be a welcoming companion to the youth in the waiting area. We play, read, talk and listen to kids as they wait for their appointments. I look after siblings of our clients so that parents/guardians can be fully present when they meet with their child's therapists.

My time thus far at CGC has been very rewarding! The children are full of wonder and joy. It is fun to see them come out of their shells and be themselves. One day, a 5-year-old girl was waiting with her dad while her older sister was being seen. To pass the time, we colored, read, and played together. Her dad welcomed the chance to relax and read a magazine.

Every day is different-as is every child. Bringing smiles to their faces and providing parents with a helping hand are great things I get to do!

Tracy Hilke, Wilder's Child Guidance Clinic Manager says "Going to a clinic can be a scary experience for kids, but volunteers like Nekey make that experience less scary."

How can I help?

  • The Child Guidance Clinic is always in need of fun activities for kids and volunteers to do together. Board games, books, and art materials make a big difference. To donate items, please email volunteers@wilder.org.

  • Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Nekey Oliver is a volunteer in Wilder’s Child Guidance Clinic.