Memorial for George Floyd at 39th and Chicago in Minneapolis

In Response to the Conviction of Derek Chauvin


Yesterday the trial of Derek Chauvin came to a close as a Hennepin County jury found him guilty of all counts in the murder of George Floyd. In the coming weeks Chauvin will receive his sentence, which could be up to 75 years in prison.

The family and friends of George Floyd remain in our thoughts and hearts. We hope this result offers them some amount of peace and a chance to heal, though nothing can ever bring back George’s precious life.

The conviction of Derek Chauvin is an important step on a long journey toward justice in our country. Wilder stands with those who demand justice for all victims of systemic racism, and we remain committed to working toward a future that is equitable. Yesterday’s verdict does not undo centuries of racial injustice and white supremacy, nor does it erase the constant stream of traumatic events that people identifying as Black, Indigenous and people of color have faced and continue to experience. Wilder can only achieve our mission to improve lives today and for generations to come by rooting out and dismantling systems designed to benefit some at the expense of many. We must approach this work with courage, compassion and hope.

There is so much more to do. Your continued support of Wilder and other organizations working toward equity and community well-being strengthens our capacity to drive change together. We join you in the fight for a better, more hopeful tomorrow.